Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Lady of 9 Pentacles

She appeared as my daily draw today.  After some thought, I feel she is a good representation of my growing trust and confidence with Tarot.  I’ve learned a lot since jumping into free-reading (one week ago today!) and I’m working on refining my skills.  I’ve had so much good feedback which has been incredibly encouraging and affirming. 

I did a reading for a guy last night who asked about his career and love life.  When I did the spread I got nervous because it seemed to be telling me that there was a cross-over between his work and love life.  I wondered if the woman he was involved with was a colleague.  But I’ve learned that if I feel overwhelmed by a spread, to just state the card meanings and interpret them in a general way.  This isn’t bad practice with internet readings anyway, since as I’ve heard so often, “A vague question gets a vague answer.”  I also took note of an “extra” card which was Empress reversed, but didn’t see a clear fit with the story I was seeing, so I decided not to include it in the spread.  Anyway, I want so badly to offer something really substantial to these querents, it sometimes stressed me out trying to make really clear sense of someone’s story, even though I know the cards themselves are accurate.

Radiant Rider Waite Tarot

So anyway, he confirmed that what I was seeing was accurate, in terms of going through big change, having gone through disappointments in love, and being on the cusp of entering into a new work arrangement.  That was all good.  He said a lot of what I told him in my reading coincided with a past reading he’d had done, which was cool.  He offered to let me see that reading, and I agreed.  Turns out it was an audio recording of a live reading he had done in England.  One thing that made me a little envious was the give-and-take that is possible with an in-person reading.  While I love email readings as a way of developing as a reader, there is very little exchange that goes on.  I get a question and I throw some cards, and interpret them based on what I see and what little I may know about the person’s situation.  While it’s always been accurate, I always feel like I want to give more.  So it was really cool to hear how a live reading can be so much richer and conversation-based.

So.  During their conversations he mentions that in fact he works with his former love-interest, and they’re on the same project team.  Whahhhh!  My hunch was right!  Secondly, he mentioned that the woman had desperately wanted children but was having health problems that made conception difficult.  Hello, Empress reversed…

So these were areas I had felt nervous to touch on very explicitly because I wasn’t trusting in what I was seeing/feeling.  I’m not sorry I didn’t mention them, because the reading was accurate all the same.  But it was extremely validating to have the opportunity to hear that I was right.  This pushes me along the path of developing deeper trust in myself and the stories I am seeing in readings, as well as learning more about the cards and their meanings...and what card combinations can mean when read together.  I'm grateful for this experience, and so glad I listened to Wolf and the Hierophant and took the scary leap.

Whew.  So onward marching…….

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