Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Healing and Learning

Yesterday I pulled the beautiful Frog card from Druid Animal Oracle.  It was deeply meaningful coming the morning after Jorge's bad news about a death in the family.  Frog teaches healing, sensitivity, the power of medicine, and finding the beautiful aspects of life when all else looks bleak.  I chose not to share it with him, as it seemed a bad time.  Later in the day he asked me what my daily draw was, so I told him anyway. He didn't say much.  I told him I hadn't felt it necessary to share it with him, and that I thought it was more important for me to receive that message, as I'm his principal support.  But I do hope that when all is said and done he will be able to gain some perspective on it all, and find the positive glimmers amidst the pain.

                                Druid Animal Oracle (Philip/Stephanie Carr-Gomm)                                      

This morning I pulled the Hierophant.  It was another (like the Page of Cups) that left me a bit curious, but I decided it must be right, and I'd just have to see what the day brought me. Well, I've been toying seriously with the idea of becoming a free reader to develop my experience reading for strangers.  But I've been nervous and not sure if I was ready.  Last night I came across someone's forum post where they asked others when they had known they were ready to start reading strangers....and most of the replies were some version of "if you're asking this question, you're ready - go for it!" Hm...okay.  

Today my visiting parents took one kid off on an adventure, leaving me home with the other two.  Jorge is on a plane to tend to his family's crisis far away.  And I didn't have to work today!  I also didn't have a car, so I was fairly stuck.

The cable guy came at 10am, and I'd totally forgotten that Jorge had called them to come check on our service.  Hmm....Hierophant?  Kinda....the guy was a representative of a large company....meh...kinda weak.

Later I found myself pondering (for the billionth time) being a free reader.  Suddenly I realized that that was pretty Hierophanty.  Relationship to spirituality....a formal organization which required a joining process.....the possibility of receiving feedback, which is a kind of guidance.....access to a network of other readers.....yeah, totally!

So after a lot more mulling and considering, and running ideas by my husband via phone...and asking my 6 year old which free-reader website looked prettier....I went for it!!!

Which sort of begs the much did my daily draw influence me to make a decision I might not otherwise have made today?  Honestly, I was already REALLY close to making this decision.  If anything, I think the Hierophant was saying "Just shut up and do it already!!!"  So I appreciate the shove.  I know this was the right's to a new adventure! :-)

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

P.S. Going to bed tonight I saw the Page of Swords on someone's blog which reminded me that as I was shuffling for my daily draw this morning, the Page of Swords popped out.  At the time I thought "honesty, fairness, intellect, truth, hmmmm......" And promptly forgot it and kept shuffling.  Now it seems so obvious, and I seem so obtuse.  The Page also represents having the strength to face obstacles squarely, learning or teaching, staying optimistic, etc.  It fits my own inner struggle with free reading perfectly, and also, being a Page, highlights the newness of my situation.  The Page represents air, thought, idea....and the Hierophant is the earthy embodiment of similar things.  

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