I take card reading seriously, and strive to be a responsible and accountable reader. I encourage all potential clients to read this page in order to better understand how I approach readings:

  •  All readings focus on providing guidance and advice for and about the client only.

  •  I believe that Tarot is best used as a tool for empowerment, guidance, insights and advice. While at times I look at future probabilities, I also believe predicted outcomes can be influenced to varying degrees depending on the actions we take, and the changes we make.

  •  I will always be compassionate and honest about what I see in the cards.

  •  I treat my clients with dignity and respect, and request the same in return.

  •  I uphold the confidentiality of my clients and will always protect your name and personal information.

  •  I reserve the right to decline a reading if I feel it goes against my personal and professional ethics, however I will provide referrals if appropriate. 

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