Thursday, August 22, 2013

30-Day Tarot Challenge - Questions 19, 20, 21

19) Do you think/feel the cards "think" or have their own consciousness?  What do you believe makes the cards "tick?"

No, I don't believe that the cards operate of their own volition - that's creepy!!!  I do believe that cards are a tool through which we connect with certain energies.  That's why working with Tarot is a highly intuitive endeavor.

Druid Animal Oracle

20) Do you read for yourself and/or for others? Why or why not?

Both.  At this point  I  usually only do one-card daily draws for myself, and focus on more in depth readings for others.  When I first started of course I only read for myself and loved ones, but at some point that stops being a valuable learning tool, and to move to the next step of development it's necessary to read for strangers.  I've been loving it, and have found it to be a rewarding experience.

21) How do you feel when you do readings?

It's kind of meditative, which would make sense, I guess.  When I "get in the zone" I can feel myself connecting and opening up to the energies of the querent, and whatever universal energy surrounds us all.  It's like a shift I sense in my mind.

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