Thursday, August 29, 2013

4 of Wands, Peace and Home

This was my daily draw today, and it's just what I need (and am getting).  I've been working my tail off lately and am starting to feel a bit under the weather.  Not only am I a busy teacher and mother and wife, but I have been expending a lot of energy on readings lately, and today just feel worn out.  The 4 of Wands is that bit of time to rest and enjoy being home after spending a lot of time working away at projects.  I love the image on the DruidCraft card, because while the fire and flowers are inviting, there is no one around.  Perhaps everyone is in the house, or out in the forests picking herbs for a nice tea (apparently what I need!).  It gives the feeling of deep peace and the calm joy of caring for, and being cared for, by loved ones.  It's being in your core refuge, the center of it all, the home and hearth.  I'm extra thankful today for my couch, my husband who made me a lovely after-work snack, and my kids who make me laugh....

DruidCraft Tarot
S. and P. Carr-Gomm, Will Worthington

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