Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Joy of a Good Book

I was in a rush this morning, sadly. A rush to get dressed, to figure out some arrangement for my hair that didn't look completely awful, and to get to campus before my students did. I like pulling a card or two in the morning but didn't have a good moment for it, so as my husband battled traffic I sat serenely beside him pulling my 3-card Lenormand daily draw (the dashboard serves as a reasonable shuffling surface when need be, and my son's star blanket provides the lovely backdrop!).

My cards were Lily - House - Book.
Game of Hope Lenormand, Star Edition (reprinted by Lauren Forestell)
This line says a few things:

-Learning something new from a family member.
-The landlord making contact with a question in mind.
-Pondering a property's age.
-Relaxing at home with a book.

Yeah. That last one. In fact, yesterday a book I'd ordered a couple of weeks ago finally arrived in the mail. I flipped through it and know I'm going to really enjoy it, but haven't had the right moment to sit back and dig in. I'm feeling slightly under the weather, having caught a cold from my oldest daughter, and the last thing I need is to lecture my students for hours on the attributes of a good essay. What I really need to do is sit back with a hot mug of steaming ginger tea, and lose myself in the joy of a good book!

Result: It was indeed an afternoon and evening full of peaceful book reading. I did manage to spend quite a while reading my new book, mug of tea in hand, and I even read my son a new book about Trombone Shorty before he went to bed. All in all, a good way to end the day.


  1. I hope you will feel better soon and maybe this evening you have enough energy left to enjoy your book.

    1. Thanks, Ellen :) I had a nice late afternoon and evening reading my book in peace, and even read a new book to my son (a couple of times in a row!) before bed. So it was definitely a book-y rest of the day!