Friday, August 28, 2015

The Hermit and the Gift of Transformation

It's been a long week, no doubt. Last week I pulled "Fulfillment" as part of my "week ahead" draw and while in the end I am not with my padrino celebrating tonight as I had planned, I am sitting here with my kids, enjoying a Corona with lime, having just filled my belly with a satisfying dinner prepared by my eldest child (recipe from a Harry Potter cookbook, no less!). My son is making funny faces and enjoying the laughter of his sisters. There is satisfaction here, to be sure.

This evening, for my current "week ahead" reading, I pulled three cards from my new Celtic Lenormand (Chloë, if you're reading this, I finally have your deck, and I am thoroughly pleased with it!), and a single card from the Stone Tarot.

First I want to discuss the line of three: Shedding Snake - Fox - Flowers
Celtic Lenormand/C. McCracken, W. Worthington
The first understanding that caught my attention was the two Queens (Clubs and Spades) united by the Fox, suggesting "wrongness" or incongruities between two women. Without going into a lot of detail, I will say that this is certainly accurate, and something I'm sure to be wading through in the coming week!

Another detail that drew me in is that this snake is the Shedding Snake, as opposed to the Fierce Snake in the Celtic Lenormand deck. Chloë McCracken has included two versions of the snake card here; the Shedding Snake is somewhat non-traditional and represents the elements of transformation and renewal, while the more traditional Fierce Snake symbolizes complications and falseness. Since I value the sacred and holy aspects of the snake, I enjoy having both here, and have included both in my working deck (there are many other "extra" cards to choose from that I have left out). So then I also see in this line a message that speaks of the elusive (Fox) twists and turns (Snake) inherent in the gift (Flowers) of transformation (Snake). Who said change is easy? Transitioning from one phase into another is often fraught with some amount of complication and uncertainty, and missteps are part of the terrain. This is the nature of the beast; it does not detract from the gift of growth and opportunity, rather it is a necessary and valuable element (after all, aren't mistakes - even the slightest ones - the best teachers?). I have been busy, busy, busy with new (and very complicated, at times) responsibilities of late, and while I'm holding my own pretty well, the road has not been particularly smooth or worry-free. Yet I recognize that this opportunity is a special gift, and in honor of that I am dedicating myself diligently to doing the best that I am able. So there is a certain beauty in that.

From the Stone Tarot I pulled: the Hermit.
Stone Tarot/A. Stone
The Hermit seems like a fitting complement to both interpretations of the Lenormand line above. The Hermit uses discernment and knowledge gathered over the course of time to help understand, analyze, and process new information. The Hermit thrives in solitude, finding that the greatest productivity comes from time spent alone rather than in groups. In many of the new activities I've been up to I am both learning from others (also an aspect of the Hermit) and operating very much on my own. On the road of transformation, the Hermit is a sacred ally, encouraging self-reflection and introspection in order to tap into that very discernment that is part of his blessing. If I don't know what lies ahead, or whose guidance to follow, I must remember to trust in the light of my own lantern that provides a measure of illumination even in the darkest night.....


  1. Lovely to see you using the Celtic Lenormand, Olivia! It's fascinating seeing which cards different people choose to incorporate in their working deck :) And I love your different interpretations, I'm very much an overdetermined images reader myself: this and that, and maybe something else, too :D
    Good luck with your new responsibilities, and with wading through the female complications :)

    1. Ha, thanks, Chloë! I have been working with your deck a lot this past week and have fallen totally in love. As far as overdetermined images reading goes, I'm glad to be in good company ;-)