Monday, August 3, 2015

A Spiritual Knight of Swords

Last night I asked my husband if I could pull some cards from his Mary-El deck, which is not a deck I've really ever used before. The art is beautiful and full of interesting details and presentations that have come straight from the heart and soul of the artist, Marie White.

I decided to do a Mind/Body/Spirit layout, and while the entire line was meaningful, I found myself very drawn to the Knight of Swords card in the Spirit position. I think that in a general sense few people would think of this Knight as a spiritual or religious fellow, but his presence here was perfectly precise, and the symbols on this card couldn't have been more fitting....
Mary-El Tarot/Marie White
These are the aspects of this card that caught my attention and bowled me over with their relevance:

Sun mask: searching for illumination

Circle on chest: getting to the heart of the matter, the core essence(s)

Owl: wisdom (occult)

Swords: clarity out of chaos, discernment, intellectual pursuit, analyzing various sources and cross referencing, research, discussion

Red cape: passion

Naked skin: humility

Snake design: cosmic knowledge

A lovely read. A lovely deck. A lovely meditation on the power of symbolism!


  1. I can see why this Knight has caught you attention. He has so many layers. I have this deck too but I don't use it often enough. It deserves my undivided attention but so do so many of my decks.... Help!!!

    1. He really does! Many layers. I wasn't sure how I would like this deck because while the art is really wonderful, some of the cards don't seem to reflect the traditional meaning of the card. However in this instance I was really touched by the deep meaning staring back at me! Really cool...... And yeah, I definitely many decks, so little time! :)

  2. He is a powerful figure, for sure! I've had this deck since it came out, and still haven't used it once - the only deck that's true of, I think. So, some kind of major block for me, which probably means I really need to use it... Not next week, though, as it's going to be seriously busy! Kinda hope you use it more, though - I can enjoy it vicariously, and maybe like it better through the lens of your insights... 😃

    1. Ha! Well perhaps I will use it more often, then! I think part of why I haven't been drawn to it so much for readings is due to some of the depictions being rather untraditional (for example the 8 of Cups showing a young child covered in a lion skin... in the end I feel some of these cards are really best read via their imagery/intuitively). We shall see........ :)

  3. Hmm a mind/body/spirit spread, that sounds like a good idea. I have had that phrase around for a week or so now... BB

    1. I find the spread to be really interesting and insightful, though I admittedly don't use it very often! But it's a nice way to get a feel for what's going on in your personal world :)