Friday, August 14, 2015

Channeling Fire

I pulled two cards for my weekly draw last night, one from the Wisdom from the House of Night Oracle deck, and one from the Stone Tarot. I was impressed with the fiery thread that unites them, I'm not sure I could possibly get any more "red energy"!
Stone Tarot/Alison Stone
The Knight of Wands initially showed up reversed for me, and what popped into my head was the idea of the cart running away from the horse. Or perhaps the horse running away despite the rider? (I'm sure I've just butchered some idioms here - carts don't have legs!). Truth is, while I pulled these cards last night, I'm already starting to feel that way. I have quite a bit of new work-related responsibilities that are very busy-making. On Monday the kids start school. Jorge has a work engagement that begins today and will last all of next week. So, I'll be doing a lot, and driving a lot (horse) and could definitely be in danger of my environment having its way with me (i.e.  becoming overstimulated, hyper-focused on so many things that it's hard to feel I've accomplished much, stressed out.)
Wisdom from the House of Night Oracle
The Priestess feels like my advice, the best way to approach this somewhat chaotic energy. She is like the Queen of Wands, who thrives off of movement and creative vibrancy. However despite all the fire energy, there is something calm and knowing about this Priestess; she understand that her element is powerful, that it can at times be volatile and that it can burn, but she has the skill to channel it well, and use the heat and flame to her advantage. She is able to master her element and make things happen, but she also knows when enough is enough, and it's time to cool off in order to avoid burning out.

As I dive head first into what's gearing up to be a wild week, I will use the Priestess's energy as a focal point to help me to stay balanced, and ride the flames!


  1. The image that comes to mind with this combo is the eye of a hurricane, the calm at the center of the storm. Wishing you the support needed to navigate the week.

    1. Thanks, Rose! Indeed, I think your description is very fitting! If I can stay in the "eye" I'll do okay :)