Monday, November 11, 2013

You Will Rest!

In September I started pulling a monthly forecast, with one summary card for the month, and then a single card to represent the major energies of each week.  The card I pulled for this week was the 4 of Swords, from the Deviant Moon deck (Patrick Valenza/U.S. Games).  I love this card.  I mean, I normally enjoy the energy of this card – its meditative feel, the aspects of introspection and rest that are associated with it.  But the version from this deck is just…. pretty.
Deviant Moon Tarot
Patrick Valenza
U.S. Games/2008
I like the fact that she’s underground.  It reminds me of how frogs hibernate under the mud during the winter.  It’s dark, quiet, imbued with the deep peace of solitude.  It’s like she dug a hole and jumped in because it was the only way she could ensure that she would be left alone.  I like the roses, little pleasant, fragrant blooms that to me indicate that though she’s underground and quiet, she’s very much alive and internally aware and active. Perhaps they also give the idea, similar to Death, of a life cycle on a smaller scale – renewal.  The flowers are the bright spots amid an otherwise very muted color scheme. One eye looks at rest, while the other looks a bit concerned.  She may not be acting on anything, but she's definitely pondering some important matters! The fact that one sword is pointing up toward her gives the impression that she’s being strongly encouraged to relax for her own good.  It reminds me of when my husband says, “Put that book down and go to sleep already!!” He knows I’m exhausted and need to sleep, but I just. can’t. put. it. down.  Sometimes we need stern reminders to take care of ourselves.

I do feel I could use some extra sleep, but with a 2-year-old who still hasn’t found the pleasure of staying in bed all night long, that’s not bound to happen.  I could certainly use a break from my job, where I’ve taken on extra responsibilities due to my program director leaving town on business.  Life is normally happily busy, but this week is definitely moving far beyond the average! So perhaps this card is simply letting me know that I need to be more conscious of the responsibilities and projects I’m juggling this week, and that I need to make rest a priority.  I’m grateful for that encouragement!  A soft couch, a cup of hot tea, and a T.V. show are calling my name!


  1. Yay, good for you, When Mommy is happy everybody is happy.
    Nowadays it seems so difficult to rest and have peace and quiet. TV, internet, media everything is calling out for attention.Just to sit and be still and do nothing, It could be so relaxing but it is so hard
    I hope you survive this week by following the advice of your card :)

    1. Thanks, Ellen :-) I hope I survive it too! I did make sure to create a peaceful evening tonight, which was relaxing. Trying not to think of tomorrow!

  2. Try to take a break, and enjoy your cup of tea in your favourite arm-chair :) At least for a little while, we all need this, specially at this period of the year when we are all so tired...! Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! I did manage to drink some nice green tea, and even had a bit of chocolate :-D