Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Thanksgiving Reading

I decided to look up a spread representing the energies of this Thanksgiving holiday, and found an interesting one courtesy of Arwen Lynch that I decided to try with my Wildwood Tarot. If you're interested in working with it, you can find it here.

A spread with Wildwood Tarot
Mark Ryan, John Matthews, Will Worthington
Sterling Ethos, 2011
Position 1: Turkey, What sustains you - 8 of Vessels (Rebirth)

I actually wrote a post on this particular card, and I really love it. I love the fact that it came up as the thing that sustains me.  The Great Bear is another card I adore from this deck, which also represents the idea of rebirth, but on a larger scale. I like the idea that the flowing waters of life keep me going. The understanding that nothing stays the same, nor should it. The fact that everything we experience teaches us something, and then we move on to the next lesson, the next experience, the next destination. It's an ever-turning circle. I like the idea of not being "stuck" in a situation that doesn't provide nourishment anymore, and while I do like stability, I also love movement.

Position 2: Stuffing, What completes you - The Stag

When I see this card I always think "As above, so below." The Stag represents the notion of justice and  universal balance. One of the things I've been working toward is establishing a spiritual/physical balance in my every day life, bringing the Above into my Below, and being ever consciously connected to both, so I do feel that this is a lovely and appropriate card for "what completes me." Ever a work in progress.

Position 3: Cranberry sauce, What you don't get enough of - The Seer

Nope, I definitely don't get enough of the energies of the Seer! She is associated with the High Priestess, and one of the things I have to find space for is quiet introspection. There are so many things that I want to do, and I just can't. Finding time to connect to spirit, work on readings, even short meditations - they're all challenging to work into each day because of the following card (Archer). I sometimes dream of having my own little room where I can go, shut the door, and tend to my spiritual and intuitive practices (like Tarot, etc), but it's just not realistic at this point.  Why? Let's find out!

Position 4: Green bean casserole, What you get too much of - The Archer

What I get too much of is the Archer, and the feeling I get from this card is of being so wrapped up in mastery of the outer world that finding a regular balance between this and the Seer is not an easy feat. I have three children, a full-time (stressful) teaching job, a husband I'm partnered with, meals to prepare, readings to do, activities to attend. I'm constantly moving things forward by sheer force of necessity and will.  These are all good things, so I wouldn't say that it's necessarily "too much," but I think it's appropriate for this position in that I have to work extra hard to build in time for quiet, personal work. I do get a lot of support from my husband and family, for which I'm grateful, and when the kids grow older I'll probably have too much personal time, and be lamenting their youth! :) So I'm taking this with a grain of salt.

Position 5: Bread, What you need to share: 9 of Bows (Respect)

When I saw this card I immediately felt tired. This card reminds me that I often fight a lot of battles on my own - not because I don't have support, but because I forget to invite others to share my battles with me (when appropriate). When I worry, when I'm sensing conflict at work, when I'm balancing the budget, when I'm trying to make sure we have enough for Christmas presents… I often forget to speak these feelings aloud.  When I remember, or when Jorge asks me what's on my mind and I start to spill all of my contents, I realize how much easier it is to forge ahead when you're not "on your own." 

Position 6: Pie, What you should enjoy more: 10 of Stones reversed (Home)

Yes, this is so true. We've never been super stable - we've moved quite a bit over the past few years. I realized that I never feel like we're truly "home." I spend the time we stay in a particular residence with the underlying sense that it's just temporary, and that ends up giving me the feeling of being nomads that just so happen to be in one place for a couple of years by coincidence.  So I never fully settle. Maybe I need to stop thinking about where we might go next, and start trying to enjoy where we are now.  How would that change things? Perhaps I would spend more time picking out new curtains, and considering new art for the walls. That would be nice.

Position 7: Blessing, What your blessing in life is: 7 of Arrows reversed (Insecurity)

I was actually surprised yet happy to see this card. I see this is my ability to be honest with myself at all times. I never tell myself lies to avoid pain, and I'm always seeking the road to be the best person that I can be.  It requires honesty - brutal honesty at times. Not always pleasant, but I find it extremely important. I think one of my greatest strengths is not jumping to conclusions, but to really uncover the reality of a given situation, comment, expression, etc., in order to find its value (or debunk it). And similarly to the 8 of Vessels, this card reversed speaks of leaving old, outdated thought patterns behind - not being trapped in mental cycles - so in that way there is a sense of change and onward movement and development.  And I do think that's a blessing.

So I am going to go start Thanksgiving cooking after I drink my critical first cup of coffee. I wish you bright blessings and much love on this beautiful day!


  1. What a great reading. Although we don't have Thanksgiving I am going to give this a try later on today. Just reading this is getting to know you a little bit better. I like that'
    I wish you and your family a wonderful day and beautiful dinner

    1. Thanks, Ellen! :) I hope you do try it out, I think that it's a nice spread for any occasion, really. And I'd love to read your post on it :) Have a wonderful day!