Sunday, November 24, 2013

Taroscopes for November 24-30, 2013

Every morning when my oldest daughter wakes up, she walks to the kitchen, sits down at the table, and  takes out her phone to read her daily horoscope. We share the same Sun sign, so she reads aloud in case whatever she finds also applies to me. I know that many people also use Tarot to create daily, weekly, or monthly "Taroscopes", where a card is pulled for each astrological sign.  So I decided: why not try it?  So I've pulled a card for each sign that represents broad influencing energies for the week ahead. I must say that I was pretty surprised to see that nine of the 12 cards were from the Major Arcana! Wow, pretty intense week ahead!  Well, it is Thanksgiving week here in the U.S.A., and that does carry with it a lot of charged energy: food buying, traveling, mingling with friends and extended family (some of whom don't get along), inviting the boyfriend to dinner to meet the parents for the first time (or vice versa), concerns about having enough money, enough food, enough motivation (ha). So let's see how the week is shaping up…..

Capricorn - 7 of Cups: This Earth sign tends to place high value on tradition, so if you're planning to celebrate Thanksgiving you might be trying to make sure it's exactly what it should be. It's fun to imagine the dinner table full of all the lovely dishes that make up the Thanksgiving feast, but don't forget to make time to get to make a shopping list, get to the grocery store, and organize enough time to get your cooking done. Don't be afraid to try a new recipe, and even though you'll likely make a fabulous meal, try to avoid that turkey hang-over - there'll be plenty of leftovers to enjoy, and that's part of the fun of this holiday.  If you're a Black Friday shopper, be realistic about what you can and should purchase - beware of your eyes being bigger than your purse!

Aquarius - Magician: Hm… this looks like it could be a pretty promising week for you! If you have a vision of what you want to happen this week, you're probably going to find a way to materialize it. Emerson said, "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." Focus on what you want to see this week, and then put your energy out into the world - you should be happy with the results!  If you're a bargain-hunter, you may find a way to get a hold of those "limited quantity" deals that most people fight tooth and nail over. But you probably won't have to fight at all to get what you really want.

Pisces - Hanged Man reversed: As hard as it may be for you this week, try to let loose and go with the flow. You may not be able to steer the boat this week, and as much as you might try to, you'll just find it a waste of energy.  So what do you do if things don't go your way? Try to change your perspective. That is one thing that you do have control over!  If you find yourself being "forced" to try something new, or do things differently this week, consider the positives that could result, and focus on those. My uncle always said "it's all about attitude." And it really is. You can make those proverbial lemons into lemonade just by changing your outlook.

Aries - Star: It looks like you have a wonderful chance at a lovely Thanksgiving week! You may be feeling inspired and full of love and happiness, which is one of the best ways to approach spending time with others.  You may also end up being that guiding Star for other people. If you find a friend or loved one struggling this week (ahem, Pisces), you may just have what they need to find that grain of joy amidst the gray. Thanksgiving is all about recognizing the many blessings we have in our lives, and that is precisely the energy that the Star brings to the table (hey, that pun works pretty well!).

Taurus - Moon: Alright Taurus, don't let your concerns or fears take control of you.  Whatever you're uncertain about this week, make time to slow down and pay attention to the root of your feelings.  Are they grounded in reality? Are you perhaps more worried than you need to be? When your surroundings feel tenuous, it's often a good idea to go with your gut feeling. Expect the unexpected, and take any sort of relationship tensions with a grain of salt - sometimes things feel more charged and overwhelming during the holidays.

Gemini - Ace of Wands reversed: There is a chance that your amazing plans won't work out precisely has you had imagined this week, leaving you feeling frustrated, and your spirits dampened. Just remember the saying "when one door closes, another opens." How can you turn your frustration into an opportunity? If you're taking on too many obligations or responsibilities, try to pare down your to-do list into something you can reasonably manage - don't forget that you are supposed to be enjoying yourself at least a little bit this week!

Cancer - Lovers: What an auspicious card, Cancer! You have a lovely energy carrying you through this week, which will likely create an aura of harmony and pleasure.  If you're already in an established relationship, you should enjoy each other's company, and the company of the friends and family with whom you choose to spend time. If you're just at the beginning of one (maybe Thanksgiving is the first time you're bringing him/her home to mom!) it should be a deeply satisfying and exciting time. Even if you're single you may find this week loaded with positive feelings for the people you care about. If you're faced with a decision (do we eat with Jim's family or Allison's??), take some time to consider the best all-around option, and then commit to it.

Leo - Chariot: You might find yourself driving to visit family or friends for Thanksgiving this week, and if so, make the trip in a safe and fun way. Check the weather, print a map (don't just rely on your smart phone!), and don't forget your defensive driving skills. Even if you're staying put, you may find that this week you're able to achieve your goals once you put your mind to it. Figure out what you need to do, and how you want to do it, and then get 'er done!

Virgo - Tower: Yikes! Alright, Virgo, this is bound to be an intense week for you! The Tower brings a burst of force that brings new insights, and helps get rid of the out-dated structures in your life. If you've been avoiding a confrontation with a co-worker, friend or family member, this holiday week might just spark an argument or serious conversation.  But as frustrating as the situation might feel at the time, it's likely to help clear out pent-up feelings, which is necessary if you want to try and build a better foundation moving forward. Holidays tend to bring out all the good and bad in interpersonal relationships, so try to go with the flow as much as possible. It really will get better! If your car breaks down and suddenly you can't make the long-awaited trip home, work out an alternative plan. Maybe dinner with your friends will prove to be an amazing and unexpected experience. Finally, let's not fail to mention the fact that sometimes the Tower brings in shockingly wonderful energy that revitalizes us, and brings welcome transformation. If your turkey burns in the oven and the friends you invited never show up, you might just realize how amazing it feels to suddenly have no obligations restricting you!

Libra - World reversed: Don't take the weight of the world on your shoulders this week, Libra. You aren't responsible for making everyone happy, or for providing the entire holiday feast.  And if you try to make it all happen, you will probably find that you have a hard time pulling it all together as you'd imagined.  A lot of last-minute plan changes might leave you wondering if you may as well just give up on things altogether and throw in the towel - but don't!  No matter what happens, you will be able to reach your goals - it just might prove to be a little more challenging than you'd expected or hoped.

Scorpio - 4 of Pentacles reversed: Balance is always a good thing.  If you try to achieve prosperity by closing yourself up in your house so that you're never tempted to spend money, or by working, working, working your days away, you'll also be missing out on the joy of living, however!  You might feel concerned about money, and if so, don't overspend. But it's okay to pry your fingers off three dollars and go buy yourself a pie. I guarantee that you'll enjoy eating it, and sharing it around the table, and the minor financial loss will have been worth it. You may be feeling antsy about mingling with people over the holiday, but try to commit at least a couple of hours to engaging with others. Sometimes getting out of the house is the hard part, but once you're out in the world you find that you are able to let your hair loose and have a much better time than you'd anticipated.

Sagittarius - Judgment: Free yourself this week. Pay attention to that little voice whispering in your heart - what is it saying? You are capable of making changes, starting fresh, forgiving yourself and others, and beginning again. Be like the snake who sheds its skin, showing the fresh, beautiful vibrant one underneath.  Consider new ways of approaching your relationships and your obligations. Do what feels right, even if it seems different or strange or out of character - after all, you aren't meant to stay the same forever; change is part of life. If you have pumpkin pie every year because it's tradition, but your inner voice is telling you to get mince this year, do it!  The taste sensation may just change your entire outlook on what's possible in the world of pastry.

Okay, that was fun! I will consider doing these each week, and if it becomes cumbersome I may do monthly Taroscopes instead of weekly. Now I will be heading off to make my grocery list for some feast shopping (have to follow my own 'scope, right?).

Have a wonderful week!


  1. It looks like a lot of work to do every week. I don't really get it. but that is because I don't know anything about astrology accept that my birth sign is Taurus. I assume every sign is a kind of position in a spread. Something like the spread with the houses of astrology????

  2. Hah, I know, as soon as I finished this post I thought....probably not doing this every week!! It was time consuming, although slightly entertaining. So I wouldn't call it a spread, I just shuffled and drew a card for each sign. As with horoscopes, I'm sure it would be impossible for each card meaning to be a close fit for everyone with a particular sign, but it was fun to put together. :-)

  3. Go YOU Olivia! These are well-written and mine at least for my Sun ans ASC/Moon are spot on! Sag Sun and Cap Moon, Cap ASC.

    In regards to your "I'm sure it would be impossible for each card meaning to be a close fit for everyone with a particular sign, but it was fun to put together. :-)" comment. I was starting to entertain that thought recently, and then a friend confronted me about it and... it sounds like a better question than it is. It wrapped me up in some grimacing knots here and there over the last 6 months of doing TarotScopes.

    I addressed it here: (look for the "Before Scopes... A Funny" part)

    Great job on your Scopes! More work than it looks like, huh? ;-)

    1. Yes! Hey, Jordan! Yep, they are way more work than it might seem. I'm glad yours rang true! I read your convo and it was good. I like the idea of treating each sign as a client. In the end it really is like doing a mini reading for each of them! You just gave me permission to keep doing them, and for that I thank you :) !!