Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rune Study Post #7: Kenaz

Happy Wednesday! Today's focus will be on Kenaz, the sixth rune of the first aett.

Kenaz translates to "torch," and connects to themes of craftsmanship, skill development, illumination, and the quest for knowledge.

An Anglo Saxon rune poem reads:

The torch is known to every living man
by its pale, bright flame; it always burns
where princes sit within.
Kenaz is one of several runes that I felt called to work with when my children were quite ill with a stomach flu earlier in the winter. The element of fire as a way to burn away sickness felt very appropriate and ultimately was very effective as well.


1) What other meanings do you attribute to Kenaz?

2) How do you utilize this rune in your practice?

3) If Kenaz has presented itself in your rune castings, how have you seen its energy manifested?


  1. Also one of my favorite runes because it is so cleansing and purifying

    1. It really is. I used to think of this rune principally as a source of knowledge/creative force until I was drawn to use it for healing, and then it just made perfect sense.