Monday, March 20, 2017

Rune Study Post #5: Ansuz

This post is part of an ongoing rune study series that invites discussion around the runes and personal experiences that relate to working with this system.

Today's focus will be on Ansuz, the fourth rune of the first aett.
Artwork by Grace Palmer
Ansuz is connected to Odin, the ancestral god, the breath of life. It governs words and communication of all types, wisdom, advice given and received, knowledge, the naming of things that leads to deeper understanding and order.

When I made the conscious decision to embark on the path of Heathenry I pulled a single rune around the topic, and Ansuz was what I drew. It was incredibly apt for so many reasons (it felt like a blessing, of sorts).


1) What other meanings do you attribute to Ansuz?

2) How do you utilize this rune in your practice?

3) If Ansuz has presented itself in your rune castings, how have you seen its energy manifested in the tangible world?


  1. One of my favorite runes and I love this depiction of Odin

    1. Ps I also interpret Ansuz as inspiration since Odin is the breath of life

    2. Me too! Ansuz is special, and absolutely: inspiration - literally the breath of life within. It is beautiful <3