Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Least Favorite Card

The task for day 5 of the Shadow Work October challenge was to identify your least favorite card in the deck and discuss what that means about you. I spent quite a while in bed, sprawled out in the dark going over each card mentally, trying to find one that I don't care for. After some time I realized that I don't dislike any. However I eventually settled on the 3 of Swords:
Mythic Tarot
Obviously some cards are more difficult than others, but I appreciate them all. However the card that makes me hurt most for a client is when the 3 of Swords appears. At best it highlights deep disappointment and at worst profound sadness, heartbreak, and even betrayal. It's the most visceral and the hardest for me to shake off when a reading is finished.

What does that say about me? I care about and empathize with my clients and I probably have some boundary work to do!


  1. The Three of Swords wash on my list too and I've seen it picked by a lot of us.
    It is a rather gruesome card indeed :)

    1. Yes, I saw quite a few! I enjoyed hearing about some of the less obvious choices like your Knight of Wands 😊