Friday, October 9, 2015

7 of Skulls: A Poem

Yesterday I took a brief reprieve from the Shadow Work October challenge and pulled a card-of-the-day from the Tarot of Vampyres deck (which I'm enjoying quite a bit!). I pulled:

7 of Skulls
Tarot of Vampyres 
As I was pondering the imagery - the werewolf girl clinging to a post (in what almost looks like a graveyard, except that it is not), apples strewn about on the ground before her - words started to dance about in my head, and before I knew it I'd composed a short, lyrical poem:

Where have you come from, 
and where are you going? 
Are the seeds that you planted long ago 
still growing? 
Measure, inhale, think, repeat. 
Temper, calibrate, exhale, reap. 

I am indeed doing quite a bit of review, thoughtful consideration, and planning - probably just as much today as yesterday! As I sit and make lists, and ponder, I realize that I start to hold my breath. So one of the subtle aspects of this card that I will take with me is that, as I go about my calculations and consider how I want to move forward, I must remember to breathe!


  1. Taking a moment to pause and reflect is so important for our emotional health. As is taking a break from a very intense challenge :)
    I am glad you enjoy the deck!

    1. It is indeed so important! Slowing down and "sitting with" things rather than always rushing to act :)

  2. I love how this card has tuned you into your breath, the place from which we move, and that from that awareness your wonderful poem was born. Don't you love her huge, wolfy feet, so capable of taking her great distances across rough terrain.

    1. Thanks, Rose, I do love her wolfiness! :) I love that while her face looks almost doll-like and innocent, her strong, hairy legs and big paws show just how fierce she is :)