Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Fool: Embracing the Adventure

This morning I pulled the Fool card from my Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA. I am indeed on the verge of an adventure, of sorts. This is the last weekend before my three babes fly north with their grandma for their own big summertime adventure! I feel surprisingly at peace, and yet I've noticed a tightness in my neck and chest which suggests to me that I have some pent up emotion that needs expressing.
Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA
J. Turk
This Fool card is full of color and movement. Below floats the Earth, while the Fool seems to surf through the universe on strands of golden DNA, surrounded by a hawk, orca, and even a little dog riding a green rocking horse that features the symbol for Pluto! Quite an interesting assortment of symbols. Pluto is a powerful symbol of transformation and rebirth, which has been a common theme for me of late. This Fool is engaging newness in the most artful way possible: going with the flow. And he suggests that I do the same. Pluto doesn't care much whether you want, or are ready for, big changes to take place. They're coming, and it's time for them to manifest, so you have a choice: resist and experience the fear and burden of avoiding the unavoidable, or release the handrails and let the current take you where you're meant to go. I've been happily surprised with the way I've been able to embrace the coming adventure over the past month or so. I've come to a place of peace and even happiness. Now that I'm on the doorstep of the Big Day, I do feel some anxiety and sadness bubbling up to the surface. The Fool invites me to let those feelings flow through my body and out into the universe. The purple face in the upper left corner of the card tells me to "breathe." And so I will.


  1. He surfs the waves and goes with the flow. This feels so much more gentle than jumping off a cliff :)
    My dear Olivia, it is okay to be sad. You are allowed to feel. Feeling your emotions is like riding the waves. Fear is the major obstruction to your flow; never sadness

    1. Haha, yes it certainly is less dramatic, I suppose, than falling from a cliff!!! Thank you, Ellen, for the supportive and kind words, they mean a lot! :)