Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Empress, Mother

This morning my daily draw was the Empress. When I saw it I immediately felt pleased and at ease, because this is such a nurturing card; it exudes loving embraces, and material abundance. That's pretty much what my day has been all about!

Today is my younger daughter's birthday, and before school my husband gave her a special necklace set: one of those broken coins with ragged edges that fit together, symbolizing a close connection between the two people that wear each piece. One said "mother" and the other said "daughter." That was sweet, and she was very happy. I put mine on, and helped her to fasten her own. After work and school she saw that I still had the necklace on and said, "I'm glad you're still wearing that - you have to wear it for the rest of your life." I love that kid.
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F. Harris/A. Crowley
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A close family friend is here visiting for a couple of days, and though he had attended school in a health field, his true passion is music. It just so happens that I teach at a school for entertainment, where students can earn Bachelor's and Master's degrees in anything from recording arts, to computer animation, to entertainment business. It suddenly occurred to me last night to take him on a tour of the campus today while I had a break between classes. My husband and I had an excellent time watching his face light up as we toured the recording studios, sound stages, and dubbing stage. He was in heaven. As we chatted with the admissions counselor, I realized that the woman was talking to me as if I were the responsible party, and I laughed and commented about feeling like his mother. Later we found that because of his close ties to me and my husband, I'm able to nominate him for a legacy scholarship which will help cover his expenses, so there was a double whammy of Empress energy!

This evening I've been orchestrating the goods and goodies for my daughter's birthday celebration, and in the meantime trying to take care of myself as I'm getting that tickling in the throat that warns of an oncoming cold (I have to thank my son for that!).

The Empress has manifested in many ways today, and every one of them has been deeply satisfying.


  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift this was. And what a lovely comment from your daughter. The Empress is my go to card when I in need fro some mothering and a feelings of abundance :)

    1. It was really so sweet and touching! Yes, I really love how nurturing this card is. It has often appeared to me as the "you're going to be taken care of" card, which I love.

  2. Sounds like an utterly lovely day! Hope your daughter enjoyed her birthday, too :)

    1. Thanks, it was a very nice day, and Lourdes had a great time! :)