Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Good and the Bad

My weekly draw for the first week of December was the Tower reversed (Paulina Tarot/US Games). It wasn't the most encouraging card to see. And I really wanted to draw another one on the off-chance that I'd get something different and perhaps more....positive.  But I didn't. When I drew cards for Sunday's Taroscopes, which also cover the first week of December, my sun sign draw was the Lovers, and had a good feel about it. So, which is it??? Would I have a lovely, loving week or one where I'd experience a minor disaster??

Well I can report that both in fact have been major energies this week! 

Last Sunday Jorge and I finally made time for a daytime date, which was really nice; we haven't had one in probably almost two months, so it was definitely overdue!  In the evening we even drank tea and watched a series premier on TV together, with no distractions from kids or technology, which was blissful. We managed to repeat that last night - we stayed home but it still felt very date-like….Lovers card in full effect!

Monday morning Jorge left to take Lourdes to school, and suddenly the doorbell was ringing. I heard him ask Isa for the other car keys, and figured maybe Lourdes had wanted to ride in the other car for some reason, and Jorge was relenting.  When he got back he came in the house and notified me that our main car wouldn't start. It's not too old, so that was concerning.  We jumped the battery and it started but an electrical light was on and blinking and the car was making a strange noise. While Jorge was investigating, he leaned over and his brand new smart phone slipped out of his shirt pocket, hit the cement, and the screen shattered.  So when all was said and done, the car had a major battery issue which we were fortunately able to take care of for a price, and Jorge will be able to replace his phone...for a hefty sum. Needless to say he'll be making calls with a cracked screen for a while yet. So the Tower reversed made its appearance in the form of very unexpected mini-distasters. Nothing we couldn't handle, but something that definitely throws a wrench in the normal flow of the day and week.

So what is the benefit of all of this? One benefit, I think, is the understanding that the Tower rx and the Lovers can coexist, and despite the drama, I'm still giving baths to rowdy kiddos, still thinking about what to make for dinner, still taking evening strolls around the neighborhood (read: life goes on, and it ain't all bad).

While I enjoy using Tarot for guidance and advice, I do sometimes look into aspects of the future, and what happens when the future doesn't look very bright? I think the key is in understanding that you can handle it, and come out on top in the end.  Things will be alright.  No, it's not nice to see a bleak-looking outcome, but anticipation is far worse than reality. You actually can roll with the punches, and there's a good chance that not all aspects of your life will be painful.  Joy is never entirely absent, even when it seems harder to find at the time. If you focus on the good in your life, it really provides very healing energy that helps weather the challenges.

It also brings to mind the very important point that if you inquire about potential future courses of events, you must be willing to accept the news you receive. I was really depressed to see the Tower as my weekly draw.  If I had pulled that card for a client, I probably would have felt really bad about passing that message along, and some people hope desperately for wonderful news, and are down-trodden when a potentially "negative" card arises in their future. So if you want to see where the future is going, be prepared for anything, or else don't ask. (I myself struggle with that - do I really want to see what my month ahead holds in store??).

Don't forget there are many positives to all readings. What are the positives of my Tower week? Well, the car has a new battery, and it didn't cost nearly as much as it might have. Thankfully it was only the battery and not something more serious. What if the car died when we were on vacation, far from home? Thankfully it happened when we were right here and could easily take care of things.

And the truth is that despite those incidents I had a pretty good week with a lot of laughs, and plenty of positive energy flowing through it all.

Paulina Tarot/US Games


  1. You know how I feel about predictive readings.I wonder if you had pulled the knight of pentacles instead of the tower. you would have focused on the resourcefulness of you and your hubby instead of the disasters while the events probable would be the same.
    In my opinion every card can be applied to every situation. it is just a matter of changing focus. Perhaps that is why me and my Lennies are in an on and of relationship :)

  2. You know, I thought the same thing (about picking a different card that focused on the solution rather than sticking with one that predicts a problem). That is why advice cards are also helpful! Pulled a Tower? Let's pick a card to see a productive way to approach it! But yeah, I was thinking of you as I was writing this post! :-)

    1. Perhaps it just me being afraid what cards I will get in a predictive reading. And perhaps this could be a challenge to do a such a reading for the next week and find out what has happened afterwards,:)
      I think I will do this tomorrow. but I am not sure I will post about it. I will pull three cards for the coming week (scary!)

    2. Oooo :) Well maybe your spread will turn out positive, and you'll share it in the end, ;-)