Sunday, December 15, 2013

Taroscope: Week of December 15-21, 2013

Notice that the title said "Taroscope" - as in, singular!? I am playing around with how I want to continue doing my weekly, community draws, and today I thought I'd pull a single card on whose energy all the astrological signs can meditate.  In some way or another, each card in the deck touches our lives, and the card I drew for today is quite fitting for this time of year:

The 6 of Pentacles, from the Deviant Moon Tarot:

Deviant Moon Tarot - Patrick Valenza
US Games/2008
The 6 of Pentacles is about give and take.  I've heard some people associate this card with "gifts with strings attached" but I don't see it that way at all (unless in some circumstances as a reversal). This card always sings to me of reciprocity, and the beauty in paying things not only back, but forward.  We don't always have the opportunity to return favors, but we always have the opportunity to give of what we have when we realize that we're in the position to be generous.  That may be the ability to give of our own time, our resources, or even simply our attention.

So we are now in Yule, or Christmas time, when the topics of generosity, giving, receiving, and kindness abound. Organizations set up "Giving Trees" where anyone can leave a donation for a needy family.  Communities come together to prepare care packages for those who are facing a meager holiday due to unemployment, homelessness, a family loss, or even military deployment.

I saw someone write the other day that this time of year is when bribery becomes so prevalent. I suppose that between some parents and children it could be the case ("behave or Santa won't bring you that toy you want so badly!!"). But I'd like to think that at its core, the holiday encourages all people to embrace the joy and light that accompany not only reciprocity, but simply giving because we can.

So let the energy of the 6 of Pentacles sit with you this week, and allow you to be more conscious of your own important, vital role in the world community. How are you thankful for gifts received? How do you give of your time, talents, heart, resources? Each positive act is like a drop of sunlight that brightens our shared existence!


  1. "each card in the deck touches our lives" I agree with you about that! I always say the more you give, the more you seem to have. All those immaterial gifts are multiplying in us when we keep sharing them.
    I think it is a great idea to have one focus card for the week. I draw each new moon a focus card for the month. Like a sort of theme/focus/challenge etc

    1. I've slacked off with Taroscopes due to the holidays!! I am going to get back into it this coming weekend, and I may even try another style - monthly, with each astrological sign, instead of weekly. Who knows, it's a work in progress. Or maybe not. I'll have to see how it feels!! :)

    2. PS: I love that line: "All those immaterial gifts are multiplying in us when we keep sharing them." Beautiful.