Thursday, December 5, 2013


The journey continues!  And I'm not sure I'm gonna like it!!!!

My husband surprised me with Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Reverie Lenormand yesterday. It was pretty cool, really.  I've been wanting to enter the world of Lenormand card reading for a while now, thanks primarily to Chloe McCracken.  She's currently in the process of creating a Celtic Lenormand, with Will Worthington, and as she is the one to start my thinking about "Lennies," and because I love Will Worthington's artwork, my plan was to wait until this deck is released…alas as fate would have it, Ciro's deck has been bestowed upon me, and it looks like the journey has begun a bit earlier than I'd intended!

So I've been following Lenormand study groups on Facebook, and I've spent time reading up on various websites to get a feel for how to work with these cards. For any who are unfamiliar with them, they are another method of cartomancy but very different from Tarot. They have a more linguistic structure complete with nouns and adjectives and verbs.  If you want more information than that you'll have to do a Google search, because this is all totally new territory for me!

So I decided to throw out a series of three cards last night as a "day ahead" forecast. I won't lie. I was stumped and went to bed with more or less "WTF" flowing through my mind the entire night (yes, I spent the entire night with some portion of my mind trying to work out the meaning of those three cards!!!)  Needless to say, I am really tired today!  So here they are:

Gilded Reverie Lenormand/Ciro Marchetti - US Games
Clouds (6) + Rider (1) + Crossroad (22)

Well, they certainly are pretty!!! So after a lot of puzzling this is the best I could come up with:

Uncertain news leads to a choice?
Promising news leads to a decision?
Interesting news leads to new options?

The fact that clouds are darker to the left and lighter towards the right seems promising.  I feel very confident as a Tarot reader, but boy these Lennies are making me feel like a wee bitty babe! :) Which I love, because it's a cool challenge to explore!  If any Lenormand readers wants to weigh in on these three cards, please do! 

I haven't received any news yet today but I'll keep my eyes open! I suppose that, as it's a daily read, it will probably be a mundane choice, like… plastic grocery bags, or paper!  I will keep you posted…. 


  1. Yay One more newbie. I feel less alone with my lennies. I still am only reading three card sentences
    This one could be.....
    After a period of troubles and confusion somebody will come and show you a new direction
    A message will bring you some options to choose from
    Splendid you didn't have to wait until Christmas.
    Don't get discouraged. I would suggest to gather at much words ( that appeal to you) for a card as you can find. In that way making sentences gets easier

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Ellen! Sorting out other people's Lennie spreads always seemed so much easier...suddenly with my own deck in hand, I sit with a blank face and have no clue. Sun, Lily, Anchor??? Haha.... But I will take your advice about compiling keywords. The LWB that comes with the Gilded deck is a little less helpful than I had hoped.

  2. Hi, which blogs or groups have you joined to learn from? I just started as as well with lennies and finding them to be very literal, where as tarot is image and feelings.

    1. Hey! There is a Lenormand Study Group on Facebook, and on youtube Donnaleigh has a ton of wonderful tutorials, so if you search for her name you will find a lot of good stuff. She also has a great website. Yes, Lenormand is so literal, and reads so much differently than Tarot. I am starting to enjoy the challenge of putting meanings together into sentences :)