Friday, October 11, 2013

Tuning in to Spirit Energy

This past Tuesday was my second-to-last Intuitive Tarot class, and it’s been wonderful.  It’s really been far more than anything I could have expected or hoped for. This particular class presented some unique elements.  I thought several times about posting it here on my blog, but ultimately decided to go for it. Crossing my fingers, now...!

Tuesday night we did a phone reading for Suzanne’s (the instructor) friend in another state.  It went well.  One card that popped up for her was the King of Vessels, and as we were chatting about who that was, she asked me if I could tell her what his occupation was.  She then apologized because she knew it might be too challenging of a question (not based on the cards, but more of a psychic reading). I told her it was okay, and I calmed my mind and I had impressions of business, and of something related to architecture.  It was kind of hard to pick apart so I went with “business.”  Turns out that this guy owned his own business doing roofing!  So at the end of the reading Suzanne asked her friend to go ahead and ask me (and the other student) any questions she might have, and the three of us (teacher and two students) tuned in and explained what we felt.  She asked us to tell us about her son, and without going into specific detail, I will say that I had both mental impressions and physical sensations that came through, and were validated.  She asked a question about her daughter, and about some property, and the same process occurred – I received pretty clear feelings and impressions about what was going on, and my instructor and her friend were able to confirm and validate those things (as well as the other student!).  It was truly interesting, and enlightening.  I had never tried to do this kind of thing before, and really have never considered it – the focus has always been the cards, though I know there are readers who do mainly psychic readings, supported by cards (rather than vice-versa).

Halloween Tarot
Karin Lee, Kipling West
U.S. Games, 1996
So after the call we were chatting, and I asked about how one develops mediumship or channeling (my instructor is a psychic-medium). I told her that several nights before, I had tapped into my husband’s brother who had passed on quite a few years ago, and had done a reading/message for Jorge.  I was surprised by the sadness I felt as I was doing it, the sense of regret that I got while I was reading – his brother was devastated that he didn’t have the chance to say goodbye.  She said, “Well if you successfully tapped into a passed person’s energy and were able to pass on a message, you’re a medium!”  And I sort of sat there, mouth agape.  I had simply figured that since our energies don’t disappear when we die, tapping into anyone’s energy, whether living or not, should be possible – and I found that it was.  I did not consider that to be a medium experience, because my image of a medium is someone openly communicating – “chatting” if you will – with someone who has departed.

So I asked her how to further develop those skills, if it’s even possible.  She said that you can take classes, but those are usually for helping people develop the ability to open the channel.  If you are already open, then it’s all about practice.  She said that if I ask willing people to help tap into their loved ones, I could practice that way.  Then suddenly she said, “Tap into my mother,” and gave me her mother’s name.  It was very on-the-spot, but I tried.  I thought of her mother and her name, and I opened up to her.  I slowly started to get an image of a lady…but I had no idea what to do with the energy, and I just sat there.  So Suzanne said “Tell me about her personality.”  So I started to tell her what I was seeing and feeling, including a strong impression of her mother’s feelings about her own life, and Suzanne said, “YES.”  She asked me to tell her how her mother died, so I focused again and had some impressions, and I passed those on to her, and she confirmed that. It was kind of wild.  Suzanne said, “See? You did it, and you can do it!”  Then she gave me some advice on how to approach working with mediumship, and I just sat there with all of that – the experience and the information – and just….sat.

We ended class by doing readings for each other, and my classmate pondered her 4 of Ghosts from the Halloween Tarot, and said, “You have a lot of people (spirits) waiting to talk to you once you start paying attention!”  Thank you, intuitive reading, for that interesting take on this card.  And yet it felt right.  And yet (again), above it all, I’m still kind of gently blown away by it all, still pondering, curious, and at the same time....kinda ready for this journey…


  1. What a mind blowing experience. I do believe in things like that although I'm not able to do them myself.
    I hope, when you settle down, get your feet back on the ground,:) you have the opportunity to practice among s friend and family. It's a gift you'll either unwrap and work with or you'll sent it back. that's for you to figure out now
    Ps Hee I saw that you've added me to your bloglist :) you're mine now to :D

    1. Hahah, aw, thanks for the "add" Ellen :-) !!!! Yes you are right! I think I'll keep it, but I definitely have so much before me to explore and work with.