Monday, October 7, 2013

Going Tarot-Crazy

At some point it becomes impossible not to see card meanings in everything perfectly mundane.  Nothing is exempt.  The mind has been saturated, and everything is viewed with Tarot-Sight!

A couple of months ago my younger daughter was arguing with her 2-year-old brother over toys (he loves her LaLaLoopsies just as much as she does!).  She finally decided that if she couldn't get her point across clearly enough ("LEAVE MY TOYS ALONE!"), she had no other choice than to drop down in a curved huddle over her pile of toys.  Each arm and leg was draped over the items that leaked out from under her, and my first thought was: "4 of Pentacles!"

We have a lot of storms down here in Florida during the summer, which is really what makes living here during those hot months bearable.  One evening in late-August a particularly large storm rolled through with an unusually high amount of lightening.  It was high-energy and quite exciting, mainly because of the note of danger.  I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when suddenly a resounding CRRRAAACCCKKK pealed through the house, scaring us all out of our socks.  When I went to the front window I saw that the neighbor's new utility pole had been struck neatly in two.  My thought: "The Tower!"

My husband and I have three kids, so we build activities for them into each week.  One day we go out to breakfast....another day to an arcade.....then the Science Center......then a trek out to the beach (and on and on).  It's become common custom for me to silently ponder what Tarot decks I could have purchased with the money we spend on each outing.  Now don't get me wrong, I love doing things with my kids and wouldn't trade it for any deck.  Nevertheless the thought always crosses my mind..."Hmm... $20.... that would be one deck...maybe two if I chose the less expensive ones on my list..."  I was relieved to find that I am far from the only Tarotist that experiences this when I happened across a post on a Facebook Tarot group that reflected this same phenomena.

And once I had an entirely Tarot-coded conversation with another reader, that was hilarious and also borderline crazy.  It went something like this:

A: "I like to balance out my Queens, and right now I'm working on developing my Queen of Swords."
B: "Oh really?  I need to work on my Queen of Pentacles.  You have any Pentacles to throw at me?"
A: "Hah, you know I'm kind of 4 of Pentacles right now, but in the future I would be happy to go 6 of Pentacles on you."
B: "Oh nice, thank you!  And I'd be very 2 of Cups in return!"

So yeah.  Tarot is not just a practice, it's a way of life.  And it's truly beautiful to find meaning every where I turn, and it's also a great way to digest card meanings - finding the essence of the cards in every day life.  But I find it's important to balance out the seriousness of the Tarot with the ability to find humor in the journey as well.. you know.... 2 of Pentacles... or maybe Temperance.... ;-)

The Fferyllt (aka Temperance)
DruidCraft Tarot
Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm/Will Worthington
St. Martin's Press, 2005


  1. This is so hilarious and at the same time so recognizable. It's like some obsessive behavior or a distorted view on reality but then in a major fun way. Great post. Thanks

  2. Haha, thanks, Ellen :-D Yeah, I have to laugh at myself, really....