Tuesday, October 1, 2013

30-Day Tarot Challenge, Question #30: Divination

(30) Do you practice any other forms of divination?

Aside from cards, not really.  I remember trying the pendulum for a while when I was quite young (like 11 or 12).  I've considered trying that again at some point.  I'm also interested in learning to work with runes - sure wish I could find that Runic Tarot deck now!!.  The Ogham is something I want to learn, but Tarot is my principle focus at this time.

If dream interpretation counts as divination, then I suppose I do that, to some extent.  And of course I do pay attention to astrology, but am definitely no astrologist.

This topic brings to mind the "cootie catchers" we used to create as children (who ever came up with that name???) - those little paper fortune telling devices we would create on the playground and use to determine what our future spouses would look like, what kind of car we would drive, how much money we would have (you know, all those terribly important details...;-)  Divination is something people engage in from a young age, though of course those cootie catchers were a game more than anything else.

Yesterday my younger daughter took a piece of paper and wrote "yes" on one side, and "no" on the other.  She meditated on a question, then let the paper drop, and whatever answer was visible was the right answer.  (I am surprised to report that this was actually accurate about 75% of the time.)  And whenever she didn't get the answer she wanted, or when the answer was actually wrong, she dropped the paper several more times until it told her what she wanted to hear.  Hah. Sigh.

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