Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thetis: Finding My Peace

I love the little confirmations that the cards give us from time to time – like when you ask about the cause of waking up in the middle night full of anxiety and you pull the 9 of Swords. Or you wonder about a dream you had, and the 7 of Cups is the anchor card.

This morning I pulled out my Goddess Knowledge cards and simply asked: 

“What can I do to help embrace peace today?”

I pulled: Thetis
Goddess Knowledge Cards/S. Seddon-Boulet
Thetis is a youthful, song-and-dance loving Greek sea goddess, also known as a shape-shifter who was able to transform into various elements and animals in order to avoid Peleus’ unwelcome advances. The card image reminds me strongly of Fancy Shawl dancers, whose lively, colorful movements imitate the joyful reemergence following transformation and healing. As I read about her, I was struck by this section of the description offered in the deck:

“As the personification of calm waters, Thetis is responsible for providing a peaceful sea. She is that center of peace and calm that is always available, even in the midst of changing forms.”
Fancy Shawl dancer/Fr. Lawrence Lew
I love that she is a sea goddess, because water is the ultimate wellspring of our emotions. And she is the goddess specifically of the peaceful waters which is the most perfect symbolism I could have asked for, considering my original question. She brings peace even in the midst of shifts and change. I believe that the key to embracing the experience of tranquility today is to allow myself to be light-hearted, to laugh, to remember not to take things so seriously. That is a special gift, and it also brings to mind the joyful river otters from yesterday morning’s draw. So I’ve decided to create a short haiku poem to celebrate Thetis’ welcome influence over my day:

Thetis of the sea
Song and dance are your release
In peace, waters calm.

Peace and joy to you all!