Monday, September 7, 2015

Daily Readings with the Fantod Pack

I've been having fun experimenting with my new Gorey Fantod Pack (click here for some background on this acquisition). Having attributed my own oracle meanings to each card, I have drawn a pair of them on each of the previous two mornings to see what would might unfold, and how the circumstances of my day would correspond. Pretty interesting results so far!

Morning #1: The Black Doll and The Plant
Edward Gorey's Fantod Pack
For The Black Doll I attributed the following meanings: toys, play, poppet magick, protection, impact of positive/negative thinking. 

For The Plant: nutrition, health, herbs, the wild/nature, ecosystem, ecology, environment, socializing/community. 

1) The kids' toys (trains, tracks, papers and pencils, etc) were scattered all over the house and I couldn't take it anymore, so we had a cleaning/organizing fest in which all toys were put in their places. Toys...... environment...... tending to the house's ecosystem... definitely!

2) I took my son to the park after having spent the previous day indoors (for the most part). We walked to the larger park about a mile away and he brought his toy excavator along. While there he met another small boy with whom he played for quite a while. After we returned home I prepared the blow-up pool and Gabriel spent nearly an hour enjoying the cool water. being outside....healthy activity..... check!

Morning #2: The Tunnel and The Écorché
Edward Gorey's Fantod Pack
To The Tunnel I attributed the following meanings: entering unknown territory, facing fears of the unknown, trying something new, liminality, lack of clarity, uncertainty.

To The Écorché I gave these definitions: honesty, vulnerability, understanding or examining the underlying structure of a thing or situation, getting to the bottom of a matter. Could also be a man.

The main event on this day (which was today, as a matter of fact) was that I did a reading session for three wonderful women, one of whom had never had a reading before in her life. There was quite a bit of delving into the unknown, searching for deeper meanings, and being open and honest, and it was quite a lovely afternoon, in fact! So...the cards fit very well!

As I read with these cards I tweak and adjust the meanings, add to them, alter them, so that over time they'll become refined and set. And I have to say, the process is quite enjoyable!


  1. O maybe you could let you intuition speak each time you draw a card and don't set the meanings at all It is a bit like with my Soulcards. This deck doesn't have a guidebook. You just read what you see and feel at that particularly moment and .... you never get it wrong !!!!
    Any way have fun with this "peculiar" oracle deck :D

    1. Yes, definitely, I am actually recording all of the intuitive "hits" that come up for each card :) Something new pops up each time, it's fun!