Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our Creator's Image

A few nights ago I had a dream where I found a box in a very well-lit closet. I knew the box held something like a statue or figure that represented Olodumare (God, Goddess, Creator, however you like). I was curious as to how the representation might look, and when I turned the box around I saw different compartments that each held a perfectly detailed model of one of the human senses, made out of some sort of white material. For instance, one was the inside of a mouth, one was an ear.

At first I was confused.

And then I was moved.

The thought floating through my dreamscape was that Olodumare gave us our senses that we might perceive him/her. Simple as that.

And when I thought about it, it was perfect. Olodumare, God, the Creator.... takes no human form. It's not about physical appearances but how we experience the divine spirit that flows through all things.

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Beholding a spectacular sunset that leaves you profoundly thankful....

Feeling a soft breeze on your skin, while simultaneously hearing it rush between tree leaves....

Seeing the sunlight filter through grass, delicately.

The sound of the ocean waves,
the chirp of young birds,
the laughter of children.

The way the river courses over stones, slate and tan,
paper-thin filaments of ice stretching across a window pane.

Gently curling wisps of incense smoke rising ever upward.

The bright reds, oranges, blues, and whites of fire dancing,
piercing the velvet blackness of a dark night.

The scent of rain falling on dusty earth,

and on and on and on.......


  1. This was moving and beautifully worded, Olivia. Thank you so much.
    God(des) is so much more than whatever we can think of. Using our senses as a way of connecting goes beyond thoughts and words

  2. An amazing dream and lovely, insightful words. Thank you for sharing it with us! :)