Friday, December 5, 2014

The Corsair: Time for Adventure!

This morning I asked the Chrysalis Tarot for a message about what I need to embrace for the well-being of my Self, and as a result, my family. I drew the Corsair (also known as the Knight of Spirals, or Wands). In the Chrysalis this Knight appears as a pirate, and the little white book says:

Individuals with Corsair energy take great risks that yield substantial rewards. The treasures he most delights in plundering are cherished worldviews. He peers deeply into your subconscious to set it ablaze with mystical visions. The Corsair emboldens you to live life to the fullest on your own terms. (Toney Brooks)

This is apt.
Knight of Spirals - Corsair
Chrysalis Tarot, H. Sierra

As I have mentioned in previous posts, change is unfurling in my life like the sail of a pirate ship, threatening to take me on new adventures whether I'm up for it or not. Fortunately, I am up for it! But even being willing to embrace change doesn't mean that it's easy or without any anxiety or doubt. It's a process. In Lenormand readings, the Ship is never far from me, hinting of travel to come. When I look at this Corsair, I see the ship in the top left corner, and immediately feel the synchronicity here. That, and there is the fact that I've pulled this fellow once before when asking specifically about moving out of state!

I need a lot of encouragement, and the Corsair provides that. He reminds me that while there is risk inherent in change, in the big plans that I'm considering, the pay-off will likely be well worth it when all is said and done. He reminds me of how much I love movement and the manifestation of new ideas (I suppose that makes sense as my soul card is the Magician, and my personality card is the Wheel of Fortune!).

The final sentence from the LWB rings in my ears....emboldens you to live life to the fullest on your own terms. What are my terms? My terms are: feeling free to pursue what satisfies and fulfills me, and what I know will be in the best interest of my family. My terms are: letting my highest good be my guide, and therefore not allowing "golden handcuffs" (as my mother would say) to keep me bound to a situation that I have long since outgrown.

I'm ready for fresh winds and new's time for adventure......


  1. Oh, I think I could do with some of that Corsair energy today. Something has taken the wind out of my sails, and I want it back! Good luck with letting go of ties that no longer serve you and embracing freedom and joy :)

    1. Yeah I don't tend to be overly fiery but I think with the years, my Aries Moon is becoming more vocal!!! Thanks, Chloe!!