Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Year's Reading Special

Through early January I am offering a 10-card reading that covers your goals, driving forces, relationships, career, spirituality, and principal focus for the year ahead. The spread positions are:

Card 1, You, now
Card 2, Goal for the year ahead
Card 3, Challenges to reaching your goal
Card 4, What empowers you to reach your goal
Card 5, Relationships in the year ahead
Card 6, Career in the year ahead
Card 7, Spirituality in the year ahead
Card 8, Talents/gifts to develop in the year ahead
Card 9, Most important lesson in the year ahead
Card 10, Summary – Where you are headed in the coming year

Emailed readings include an attached photograph of your cards, and a PDF document of your full reading. Normally 10-card readings are $50 but for this special I am reducing the cost to $30! You may purchase this as a gift, or for yourself. Click here for ordering!

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