Saturday, October 18, 2014

Game of Hope 2.0 Lenormand: A Deck Being Born!

It was a pleasure to participate in the creation of a new, collaborative Lenormand deck. This was a project coordinated by Edmund Zebrowski, and each participant developed the concept and artwork for one or more of the 36 cards in the deck.

I created the image for the 28-Man card, using acrylics on canvas. I have to say that it's immensely rewarding and satisfying to see how it turned out as a printed card! A long list of other artists/readers gave of their time and artistic ability to make this deck happen, including Carrie Paris, Bridgett Trejo, Maree Bento, Tierney Sadler, Angela Shikany, and Dennis Ng, to name just a few.

The demo version has been printed to make sure that all the details are in order, and soon a full order will go to print. I'll be sure to post more information about it when it's available!


  1. Your Man card is beautiful Oliva, but I think it is number 28???
    It must have been so exciting to contribute to such a project :)

  2. Gah! Yes, it is 28, I clearly had a brain lapse due to my excitement! Thanks, Ellen! It was fun to work on this!

  3. Those cards look bright and beautiful! And it's an exciting feeling seeing something you created coming to life, isn't it? :D

    1. Thanks, Chloe, yes it was pretty amazing to be a part of this development process, no matter how fractional my own involvement! It's pretty cool to see my artwork on a solid card :)