Saturday, August 2, 2014

Taroscopes for August 2014

A day late but not a dollar short! It's been a long month, but I did make the Taroscopes happen for August!!

My husband spent several weeks traveling around Europe and naturally he had just one task assigned to him: find me some cards. And one of those decks was the Viking Tarot by Lo Scarabeo. This is a deck I've been wanting for close to a year, but simply hadn't bought yet. These days I don't want very many decks, so to receive one that I really craved was a special treat! And the best part? Yes, I could have driven down to Luna Sol Esoterica (author Ann Moura's shop in Sanford, FL) - they're carrying a copy currently. But the particular copy I used for this month's Taroscopes was purchased in Sweden, in a store dedicated to Viking history. So come on. No contest.

So here we go!

Viking Tarot - Lo Scarabeo

Capricorn - Judgment: August will be a month for figuring out what's really important to you, reviewing the path that has lead you to where you are at present, and considering how to respond to the voice that's calling to you. The possibility for significant change is just around the corner.

Aquarius - Page of Pentacles: If you're feeling weighed down by work or studies, remember, it's temporary. Hitting dead-ends just means you haven't found the right road yet - keep trying!

Pisces - 6 of Cups: You're going to really enjoy being home with loved ones this August. It's time to replenish the reserves by reconnecting with the people and places that anchor you.

Aries - Tower: Make sure your car is in good working order, and perhaps consider getting a case for your cell phone so it won't crack with you drop it. You can't always control change, but you can always do your best to prepare for it!

Taurus - Ace of Wands: Don't hide your light or mute your flame this month! You have a lot of creative passion and potential to share with the world - take a risk and see what happens.

Gemini - Lovers: You may have a big decision this month between two equally enticing - but very different - options, so it may be hard to decide. If you're feeling uncertain, get some advice from a trusted friend! On the love front, make time for date night!

Cancer - 4 of Cups: It's time to get real with yourself, and focus on narrowing down your next steps. You need to feel inspired, and you will, just give it some time.

Leo - 8 of Cups: You may feel like you're teetering on the edge of staying or going, trying something new or sticking with the tried and true. What will be most emotionally fulfilling in the long run? Let your answer guide you.

Virgo - Page of Cups: Enjoy the last remnants of the northern summer. Relax with a good deck of cards, and share your kindness with your loved ones. If you're a parent, make sure to have fun getting your little ones ready for school!

Libra - 3 of Cups: August will be a month of joy, happiness, and pleasure shared in great company. What more needs to be said?

Scorpio - 7 of Swords: This month brings a time for honesty, sincerity, and clarity. Keep alert for anything that feels less-than-Kosher, because it probably is.

Sagittarius - 9 of Wands: Pressure builds, the air gets hot, you wonder if you'll make it to the finish line…the good news is that you will. Dedication and fortitude will bear good results when all is said and done.

Viking Tarot - Lo Scarabeo

Enjoy the last, full, scorching month of summer. Be well!

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