Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rain in the Hills: Lenormand Dailies

Drawing daily cards (or runes, etc.) is a common practice for getting to know a deck or a divinatory system. You pull a card or two in the morning or in the evening and consider how its influences speak to you on a given day. It's a practice I love, and in particular I think it's great for Lenormand learners as a way to understand card combinations. But one important thing to understand about daily draws is that the meanings are often toned down from the full energy of that given card (or two). (In other words, don't let negative cards prevent you from leaving the house!). Another thing to consider is that these dailies can often manifest in your day in various ways, so interpret your combinations in as many different manners as possible, and see what happens!

In early July I was in the northern lands of Michigan, heading even further north toward the Straits of Mackinac. That morning I drew a daily line of three Lenormand cards. I can't remember what the first in the line was, but the latter two were Mountain - Clouds. Neither of them are particularly positive cards, and Clouds are considered the most negative card in the deck! However it was a daily draw, so it didn't concern me too much… Lenormand dailies can often be literal. Most of our ride was going to be on relatively flat land, but toward the end of our journey I knew we'd be entering into some hilly terrain. I decided that Mountain - Clouds likely referred to the possibility that we would encounter rain at that point in our trip. I left it at that, we packed up, and departed.

Our mountain range made of clouds/O. Destrades

Most of the ride was bright and sunny, so I started to think that my rain forecast might be a bit off. However for nearly our entire voyage, a low line of clouds accompanied us on the horizon. It was pretty magnificent, and at some point one of my daughters exclaimed: "Those clouds look like mountains!" Ah hah! She was completely right. Those clouds looked exactly like snow-covered mountains in the distance. There were my Mountain - Clouds!

We continued our drive, and I noticed that as we reached the last thirty minutes of our trip, those clouds started to stretch out, and reach over us. As we rose and descended, and wove through the newly developing northern hills, the sun disappeared and the rain started to fall.

There were my Mountain - Clouds…again!


  1. ha ha ha !!!
    I love the literal meaning of tarot and lenormand al lot too. It is just like the cards have sense of humor :D

    1. I know, I find dailies to be a lot of fun, really, to see just how they'll present themselves! The Mountain-like Clouds were pretty good, I had a laugh about it, too! :-D