Thursday, May 1, 2014

Taroscopes for May 2014

Greetings, May! I hope in the northern parts of the world that the snow has finally remained melted, and that flowers are blooming throughout the land. In Florida the summer heat is beginning to creep in and the humidity is on the rise, but there's almost always a fine breeze to take the edge off, and the fierce but fleeting rain storms are one of my favorite parts of this season.

Before I jump into this month's 'scopes, I want to briefly discuss some elements that (literally) jumped out at me. During shuffling not one, but two, cards popped out of the deck: the 2 of Disks and the trump card Adjustment (aka Justice). After laying out the cards for each astrological sign, I took a peek at the bottom of the deck (which I like to do to understand underlying influences) and there sat Art (Temperance). This trinity suggests to me that regardless of your individual card for the month, May will be a time of changes and shifts, and it may feel challenging at times to maintain balance amidst all of the fluctuations. Harmonic balance truly is an art!

So if you couldn't tell by now, I've used my new Crowley Thoth deck for this month's taroscopes. One of the most striking aspects of this deck for me so far has been the artwork and the amazing attention to meaningful detail. I appreciate the movement, the use of color, the symmetry, and the many surprising layers. So here we go!

Capricorn - Hermit: Take time to go within this month.  Life can be wild and crazy and distracting, but the greatest source of truth lies in your heart. The rich wisdom you discover by taking quiet time for introspection and careful consideration will be an important strength not only for you, but for those in your most intimate circle as well.

Aquarius - Lust (Strength): You may feel that your inner flame has dimmed somewhat this month, perhaps due to heavy pressure in your environment. The important thing to understand is that your fire isn't going any where - you can call on it whenever you need it, so if you're having a low moment, remember that it's only temporary, and find some time to reconnect with your passion.

Pisces - 5 of Wands: There may be some energetic disarray this month that manifests as difficulties with communication, or even personal conflict or crises. Take one day at a time, and remember to see the forest for the trees. When you get caught up in "what ifs" it's easy to lose track of what is. Calm your focus, and be kind to yourself. Accept help where it is offered.

Aries - Princess of Wands: If the road ahead isn't as straightforward and clear as you want it to be, or had hoped it would be, don't allow yourself to succumb to fits of frustration and hopelessness. Perhaps the door isn't wide open because there's more planning to be done. Take some time to reassess your desires and goals, and tweak your route if need be.

Taurus - Hanged Man: If you're feeling stuck, know that "this too shall pass." Sometimes there isn't much you can do except decide to change your perspective, but in your case you may just have the ability to make some small changes that will help you to make forward progress. The best time to confront your hesitance regarding risk is right now - today. Nurture your inner power, and be as fair with yourself as you try to be for everyone else.

Gemini - Tower: Big shifts are in store for you, Gemini! The beauty of the Tower is that is doesn't embody just one type of change - you may experience a life-changing realization that alters your perception, you may lose the job you actually hate but were afraid to let go of, or your car may have transmission trouble causing you to recalibrate your vacation plans. Whatever it is, know that the universe has your best interests at heart, and try to roll with the punches.

Cancer - 7 of Disks: Patience is your virtue for May. When things don't work out as you'd hoped, progress feels too slow, or life throws you a curve ball, it's natural to feel some level of desperation. Just don't let that feeling own you, or direct your decisions. Don't stop finding a way forward, just do so with grace, knowing that solutions will manifest when the time comes. The powers haven't forgotten about you.

Leo - Princess of Disks: This month you may (no pun intended!) feel caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of your goals. You may be both excited about a new prospect or project, and yet feel like roadblocks keep cropping up that prevent things from running smoothly. Don't let these obstacles knock you off your game. What can be changed? What can't be?  What will you do with the situation you're given?

Virgo - 10 of Disks: You're doing alright this month, Virgo! Economically you may enjoy some comfort and relaxation (did that tax refund make it into your bank account??), and you'll have opportunities to treat yourself as well as your family to some pleasantries. If you've been working hard, this month you'll be seeing some rewards.

Libra - Knight of Disks: You've been working on building your world up around you, making it into something that not only fits you, but that also provides material benefits. Progress may be measured and deliberate, but you're making great headway, so keep at it!

Scorpio - 10 of Cups: Take some time this month to review all of the good that's moving in and through your life. There may be moments when it's easier to focus on what's going wrong, rather than what's going right, just be sure not to throw the baby out with the bathwater (as they say). Be fair and right both with others and with yourself.

Sagittarius - 3 of Cups: Swim in the waters of happiness and joy this month - let loose and enjoy your community, your friends, and the positive relationships you've been blessed with so far on your path. If you've been invited to attend a wedding, baby shower, or graduation this month, do everything you can to go, and partake in the riches of shared celebration.

As they used to say in church when I was a kid: Go in peace! Make the most of May, find your balance, and be good to yourself!

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