Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gifts and Gratitude

Yesterday a lovely thing occurred: a nice-sized USPS box arrived at my home, sent from many states over by my diviner-friend, Robin, from the Quartz Cafe. I get tired of hearing myself say things like "I can't believe it!" or "This is amazing!" or "How the hell did I deserve this awesomeness????" But the truth is, those are the thoughts that have been flowing through my mind for a couple of days now, and they'll probably being hanging around for a while more to come.

Many months ago, just as I was falling ill with a nasty cold, Robin had sent me a package that she said would include "just" a new Kipper deck. I was pretty excited. When it arrived it was far more than a deck - she had sent incense, and an incredible quantity of wonderful teas, of all types. So as I descended into the throws of coughs and sneezes and lethargy, I was nursed along by Robin's teas, and entertained by my new deck.

Yesterday's box was amazing for many of the same reasons (and some others as well). First of all, she wasn't just sending goodies to me. She sent along some special things for a mutual friend of ours as well, who happens to live in my same town. Not only did I (and our other friend) become the recipient of the new Under the Roses Lenormand, but she just happened to toss in the Gaian Tarot for kicks. Really? That would have been enough to induce deep silence in me for days, but as padding for the decks she included a variety of tea, a sack of dried rose buds, a bag of loose white sage, spell candles anointed with her handmade charging oil, and boxes of new incense. 

Gaian Tarot - Joanna Powell Colbert

I tell Robin that I simply have to provide her with something in return, to show my gratitude. A lifetime's supply of readings??? It seems pathetically disproportionate, though I'd do it with joy (and I will most certainly hatch a plan to get her back some day). But she always says, "Just let me set my tent up in your back yard when I come visit." 

There's a sacred lesson here. (Though even typing that seems trite, since I'm the one who's done all the receiving, to date!)

All I can say is that I feel blessed and deeply humbled to have this ridiculously selfless person in my world. (Oh, and I suppose that one way I can show her some gratitude is by mentioning that her eBay shop has all sorts of wonderful divination items, so check it out! - this is someone worth doing business with).

So thank you, Robin. 


  1. You are so blessed (sounds trite too) with a friend like her. The gifts are awesome and sometimes it is easier to give than to receive.:D

  2. Maybe you don't need to deserve it.

  3. Okay, I've stopping crying now. Thank you so much for......everything. You've been a very dear friend to me and the new bonus (and you said you haven't given anything??? Blah, Blah) is a wonderful new friend, JM. I couldn't ask for more. You've helped me in my Tarot and Lenormand journey by just being there for me when I was questioning quitting my corporate job and you've help me reach deep into my soul for answers. Thank you again my Dear Friend, Olivia:)

    1. <3 !!!!!! I'm so glad you quit that soul-sucking job and are following your calling! And yes, I'm very grateful for your presence!!!

  4. I don't know how I missed this post--must make the internet give me better updates--but, although I'm a little late to the party, I want to weigh in on the beauty of my generous, tarot-minded friends. Both Olivia and Robin have embraced me, given me support and encouragment (okay, and DECKS!!) (and the most delicious tea!!), and made room in their lives for me.

    They're helping me step forward as a reader and allowing me to give of my gifts, too.

    Thank you both so much. I can't wait for the pow-wow in Robin's tent in Olivia's back yard.

    1. Gahhh, <3!!! You are a wonderful reader, and it's so lovely to have this community with y'all ;-)