Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Circle Is Complete: Bleeding Time

#MayYouWriteLikeTheFool Day 4
Prompt: "We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete." 

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One day I decided: no more Pill. 
After so many years of 
(what essentially boils down to) 
hormone therapy 
(three kids are a blessing, and also enough)
I started to feel like my body
my emotions
were no longer my own. 
My last contraception-induced period 
wound its way to
the end
and I responded by 
not swallowing the next pill.

Far longer than what had once been "normal" 
my body continued to expel rusty debris 
a deep purging
a restoration in the works
a sigh of relief.
Nothing was different, not from the outside.
And yet I kept stretching my body
examining my hands
watching the curves of my hips
searching for signs of what I was 
feeling inside:
an opening and release.

One day that familiar ache 
in my abdomen
announced the return of 
my blood
-now fresh, unencumbered 
by chemical constraints.
We met again
at last
The circle complete.


  1. I was just reading about how bleeding on the pill was something the scientists decided was "good" for women, to feel "normal". It's not necessary for the effects of the pill. And yet, as you so poetically say, even then, we don't feel "normal".
    I'm of an age I decided I would never want another child, so I have a coil. Reading up on it, it's the new fashion: :D

    1. Hm I will check that article out! And yes, I too have considered the coil, though to be honest it makes me nervous!!

    2. I'm more nervous of putting chemicals in my body. You can always get the coil out again if it doesn't suit :)

    3. I agree with you about the chemicals. I will give the coil some thought!