Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Lovers: What Do You Stand For?

(I am sharing this from my Instagram account because I feel it merits being cross-posted)

I have been deeply upset by the gassing of towns in Syria 🇸🇾 and the images of the toll this has taken particularly on the most innocent of creatures: the children. It's a devastation (yet another, piled on top of all that the Syrian people have had to endure) that moves far beyond any hope of expression.

This morning I wished forcefully that a divine hand would descend and wash from the earth all of the perpetrators of these horrible acts; and that the same hand would provide safe haven and healing to all of these disastrously affected, innocent people. But that's not going to happen. The divine hand, in the end, must be our own. We wait and wait for something to change, but it doesn't. And at times, when we thought it unlikely to worsen in scope and impact, it does just that.

Syria is not too far away, it is not full of unknown people, and the horrors happening there are not disconnected from any of us. These energetic ties that permeate the universe touch us all, and each act of violence is a breach in the web.
Pagan Otherworlds Tarot - Uusi
I asked the cards: What can we do? The Lovers was the response.

We can demonstrate our love for one another. We can be a beacon. We can support our fellow humans when they are in pain. We can decide what we truly believe in, and if we are willing to act on those beliefs. I keep hearing DMX in my head: "It's about gettin down for what you stand for."

What do you stand for? What can you do about it?

  • Donate to humanitarian efforts like NuDay Syria, Islamic Relief, and many others who are working to aid victims of these most recent gas attacks, and refugee resettlement
  • Talk about what's happening
  • Stay on top of the news
  • Pray
  • Be willing to learn more about the conflict and its impact on civilians
  • Urge (through calls and letters) your government representatives and senators to oppose any ban on acceptance of Syrian refugees

What do you care about? What do you believe in? How will you show it?

Every person can make an impact. 🔥


  1. It is horrific that these kind of things happen in our world. I used to stay far away from the news but ever since Trump was elected (sorry) I am following again what is going on in the world. I don't know it will do much good but I do feel more connected to the ones who are suffering ( and also less ignorant)

    1. Yeah, I am in the same boat. I follow the news like a hawk, and have been for many months now. There is so much uncertainty in the air at all times these days. I think it's so important to know what is happening - to shut our eyes and ears to it all is a luxury, and not one I personally feel is appropriate for any of us. Hugs to you!