Saturday, January 28, 2017

A New Moon Reading

Alaina, from Exploringly Yours, has once again crafted a lovely spread for use at the New Moon, which just so happened to have occurred yesterday. I enjoy these readings and find that they provide interesting insights into my current state of being - this one was no exception.
My reading layout was as follows:

1) What is my wild side saying to me this New Moon? 4 of Swords
2) What must I release to honor my highest self? 2 of Wands
3) What must I embrace to honor my highest self? Hanged Man
4) What can I contribute to the collective at this time? Page of Swords
Pagan Otherworlds Tarot
The first three cards mirror a message I've been hearing lately in some other small self-readings (in fact the 4 of Swords was yesterday's card of the day): pause, peace, and reflection are the requirements of this moment. It is not a time for action just yet, and even if I'm raring to leave the starting gates, it's better to have a course in mind first. I have only vague shadows of thought around what this is referring to, which means that I will certainly benefit from some mindful quiet time.

I love this Page of Swords. How can I contribute to the collective? The Page asks questions, seeks truth, and doesn't let uncomfortable lines of inquiry prevent the exploration of ideas that need to be considered. I've been asking a lot of questions lately, especially in my January blog posts. Most connect to how we can progress as a nation in light of the current political climate. Here is a recap:

  • How are we supposed to move forward as a nation if we can't find a way to overcome the divisiveness?
  • If facts don't seem to matter, then what does?
  • How can we establish meaningful dialogue? 
  • What happens if we never manage to see eye-to-eye, or learn to hold rich, fruitful, meaningful, and considerate discussions about our points of disagreement?
  • How can we combat ignorance? 
  • How can we protect the environment, and human rights, and healthcare, in the face of this new administration?
  • What can I do? 
  • How can I help?

Answers aren't always clear, simple, or readily apparent; the important thing is to keep the conversation going.


  1. As long as we keep asking those kind of questions we will keep some flexibility in our way of thinking. But please don't forget to rest you mind now and then

    1. Mental rest does appear to be the order of the day, doesn't it! Hugs to you!

  2. Beautiful. I'm starting to love the page of swords. Keep asking those questions! Hope you had/have a restful weekend :)

    1. Thank you!! Well, my weekend was full of sick kids, and then they gave me their illness! The upside is that sickness forces you to be still, and there is some benefit to that! :)