Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Midnight Meeting with my Grandmother

A few nights ago I dreamt of my maternal grandmother - or, perhaps it's more accurate to say that she came to visit me in my sleep. It wasn't a long dream, per se, but it was poignant, particularly because it is the first time that I've ever dreamt of Dorothy, who died when I was five years old.

In the dream her figure was not solid, but ethereal; only partly there, like a spirit. I stood in front of her and wrapped my arms around hazy form saying, "I never had the chance to hug you, as an adult." I asked her if she had any messages for my mother, and she gave me two. Unfortunately, upon waking I couldn't remember the second. I did recall the majority of the first, and when I wrote to my mom to tell her, she replied that it was the same message that her morning reading had given her. That was nice to hear.

I pulled a few cards to explore this experience:
Pagan Otherworlds Tarot
1: My grandmother's presence

Page of Cups. A perfect symbol of a message-bearer, a speaker through the liminal realms of dreamtime.

2: Her essential message to me

9 of Pentacles. I felt this to be both encouragement and acknowledgement of where I am, and where I'm headed. I felt that she was telling me that she's proud of me.

3: Additional energy

2 of Cups. Love.


  1. The perfect message of a loving grandmother
    Makes you wonder who is shuffling the cards....?

    1. Ha, absolutely! It was so nice to feel her spirit so closely <3

  2. Lovely! <3 And having started from 25th October, it's interesting to see the Nine of Pentacles coming up for you again and again right now :)

    1. Absolutely! It seems to be a "card of the moment" lately :)

  3. what a gorgeous experience, thank you for sharing!

  4. what a gorgeous experience, thank you for sharing!