Monday, April 18, 2016

Daily Draw: Working From Home

I woke up reluctantly this morning. From the warmth of bed I mentally reviewed the steps I'd be soon undertaking in order to prepare both myself and the kids for work and school. I decided that it was safest to start with the coffee pot, and as I listened to those first, glorious, mahogany droplets fall into the carafe, my younger daughter sat quietly at the kitchen table with a bowl of cereal... which she promptly vomited all over the floor (sorry, I know it's kind of gross). Hm. Perhaps Monday would become my third day of the weekend!

I did manage to arrange to work from home, sending out a couple of text messages and emails to be sure that everyone knew where I would be all day and why (I did refrain from sharing the minute details, ahem). So with a rather low-key day ahead I settled my pajamaed-self in to enjoy my coffee, and pull a daily card or two (something that tends to be rushed rather than leisurely these days).

I was considering (based on one of Ellen's recent posts) what my "soul deck" might be as I was deciding upon which to use. While there are a lot of decks that I love for various reasons, I realize that the Fountain Tarot has become a common go-to. The reversible backs, beautiful art, rather traditional (yet freshly rendered) imagery, and amazing card stock has elevated it to this position. I almost grabbed it off the shelf, but then I decided to go for warmth instead, so I dug out my trusty Morgan Greer. This was one of my first decks, but I gave it away because I just couldn't deal with the Tom Selleck mustaches all over the place. (And then I regretted it, because it's really a gorgeous, brightly colored work of art, so I reacquired it in the Italian version). This is another deck that shuffles fantastically.
Morgan Greer Tarot; Bill Greer
So what would the predominant energies of my day be, oh Morgan Greer?

Page of Cups (ah, definitely my kids - not only is my daughter ill, but my son is battling bronchitis)..........

World (mhmm.... no doubt that I'd be spending most of my time and energy on them....)...........

Emperor (oh, right. Working from home.)

As I peered at the World card I was drawn to the fact that the figures on each side peer outward to the cards on the left and right, respectively. The woman in the center balances them all evenly. To the left the Page of Cups shows my attentions to caring for my kids, while the Emperor to the right reminds me that I will have to divide my time a bit between home concerns and my director duties: despite not being physically present in the office, I still need to hold down the proverbial fort, even if I do so via technology. But then, that's the benefit of living in this modern age, I suppose!

So off I go to pour another cup, organize the kids in their beds and blankets, and then...on to those emails!


  1. I hope your children will feel better soon and your so lucky to be able to stay at home when they are ill. I think a soul deck is often (not always) one with a lot of memories attached to it. The Rider Waite was the first deck I got and I find the ORW just more easy on the eye.
    PS no mustaches today!!

  2. Ha! I noticed that, too - funny that in this draw there is a notable lack of facial hair :) I think your definition of "soul deck" is sensible. My deck with most memories is the Mythic, thought it's not one I use very often. It's more sentimental due to its connection to my mother. And my first Tarot deck was the Runic Tarot which I lost somewhere down the line (it wasn't really my cup of tea anyway - though now I think I'd enjoy it more). The Fountain is wonderful, and checks all the "boxes" - but then the Tarot of Vampyres is always on my night table, unwrapped, unboxed, and ready to use. Sigh, at any rate, my kids are doing much better now, thank you!! :)

  3. Glad to hear the kids are doing better, Olivia! And yes, the mustaches put me off a bit, too. I also wonder whether the lack of perspective in this deck doesn't suit me - too much close up... :)

  4. Thanks, Chloe! Yes, that's another thing about this deck that isn't my favorite - so much close-up imagery detracts somewhat from the ability to really sink in to the pictures!