Monday, February 8, 2016

Five Things to Love

I have been participating in an Instagram challenge hosted by @violetauraphoto for the month of February. Each day participants receive a prompt for which cards can be pulled in whatever manner suits each individual. For the fifth day of February the prompt was: “Five Things to Love About Me.”

Honestly my first reaction went something like: “Ugh. Do I actually have to list things that others would love about me? I can’t do that. That’s weird. It’s a little self-centered. Can Jorge do this one for me?” Ultimately I decided that I would just have my cards and runes help me to identify five areas of value in who and how I am as a person. I chose to use: the Goddess Knowledge Cards (Susan Seddon-Boulet), the Earthbound Oracle (Andy Swartz), the Ancestral Path Tarot (Julie Cuccia-Watts and Tracey Hoover), the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot (Sallie Ann Glassman and Louis Martinié) and my homemade rune set.

In the end this turned out to be an exercise in self-love and understanding more than anything else, and I would recommend that all card readers take a moment to do this for themselves:
1. Changing Woman. I embrace constant evolution of my being; I meet people wherever they're at, no matter their gender, background, culture, or walk of life. I see the youth in the elder and the wisdom in the child.

2. Home. (A turtle carries its home on its back. In this image its slow-moving shell provides a perfect nesting area for birds to fly in and out, without ever losing track of their place in the world.) No matter where we are, I am home for my family.

3. 8 of Swords. (The imagery stood out to me here – a woman wrapped in beautiful but impractical clothes, in shoes not meant for travel. She looks longingly out toward the rising sun, as if wishing she could choose some other path.) I challenge the status quo, and outdated socio-cultural mores that limit self-determination and self-discovery.

4. Hagal. (The 9th rune, the deep, sighing breath). I look for the grace in difficult and unexpected circumstances; I don't hide from the dark.

5. Ace of Air, Damballah. I seek clarity and justice, the seed of truth in all things, the wisdom of Damballah Wedo.


  1. What a lovely idea Olivia. I will do this for myself too although I am not participating in this challenge. I do partake in the #Tarotselflove challenge so it is a rather fitting prompt to draw a few cards for. I like how you've transformed the more challenging cards into positive and encouraging ones :)

    1. Thanks, Ellen! <3 The funny thing is that I had, as usual, that initial gut response to seeing the 8 of Swords - a displeasure, a wondering at how this could show something lovable. But after really looking at the card, it all made sense. The scope of meaning in all cards is just so wide and deep, that to limit a card like the 8 of Swords by seeing it as difficult or negative also limits our ability to understand its message for us. I hope that the results are fruitful for you! I am sure they will be. Hugs to you!

  2. This does sound like a wonderful self-love exercise! And I always love when people look for the positives in tough cards, too - they're always there if we can change our perspective :) I'll give this a go, too, though I may just use a single deck...

    1. That sounds great, Chloe! Changing our perspectives - always a work in progress! :) I hope you uncover some interesting and valuable information about yourself!