Saturday, January 17, 2015

Chloe's "Christmas Crackers" Spread

One of my blogging mates, Chloe McCracken from Inner Whispers (and also the creative mind behind the Celtic Lenormand!), posted her Christmas Crackers spread for our Yule Blog Hop in December. It's simple and clear, just how many great spreads tend to be, and I bookmarked it to try. The idea is to use this spread to better understand and value our relationships with others. Chloe pulled cards about her family members, but you can also do this about your relationships with friends, lovers, I suppose even for a business partnership!

For this reading I decided to focus on my colleague, Rose, who is my closest friend in the work setting. We've been work partners for nearly three years, and have stood by each other through all the ups and downs. I used the Chrysalis Tarot, by Holly Sierra and Toney Brooks.

Christmas Cracker Spread

1)  The gift I offer them
2)  The gift they offer me

Chrysalis Tarot - Sierra/Brooks
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1) The gift I offer Rose: King of Spirals (The Companion)

I had to laugh at this, because the keyword is so perfect. I would definitely consider myself a companion for Rose. In fact I suppose to call us "companions" is quite accurate, in general. Our department has gone through a lot of change, and office politics has presented their difficulties over the years. But through it all we were always able to count on each other's support and friendship. We've spearheaded many projects together as a team, and we complement each other very well in style and personality. I like seeing myself as this King, as giving Rose a strong friend to rely on, a creative "partner in crime".

2) The gift Rose offers me: Magician (Ravens)

This card appeared inverted, and for good reason! The Magician gets things done - alone. With Rose, I get things done, but I don't have to do it independently. Like the Companion, I have a friend, someone who shares my interests, perspectives, and motivation, who is driven to manifest new ideas in the real world along with me. I was drawn immediately to the pair of Ravens on this card, symbolic of our team. The pearls these birds hold in their beaks remind me of bits of shared wisdom. Rose's gift to me is partnership in making our shared ideas come to life.

This was a lovely spread to do, and I look forward to repeating it in the future with other important relationships in my life. If you're wondering how you might interpret a "difficult card" if it appears as a gift in this layout, I encourage you to check out Chloe's post (linked above) as she has some great examples!


  1. I must have missed this lovely little spread. But now I am going to jot it down in my journal
    Ps Isn't the Chrysalis Tarot a gorgeous deck to work with?

    1. It's a really nice, simple spread, isn't it? And yes, Chrysalis is like a breath of fresh air, very beautiful! :-)

  2. Working with people you get on with can make all the difference between loving and hating your job! Glad you liked the spread, and that you have such a good work mate :) And thanks for all the links ;)

  3. Haha, you're welcome :-) I've already received several messages from people who really like your spread, in fact!