Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Lenormand Daily Tells It True

I pull Lenormand lines of 3 almost every day, both for myself and for my husband. Of course as with dailies across any system of divination, the meaning of the cards tends to be toned-down or even literal.

If you draw a rather negative card, therefore, such as the Clouds, this is a good thing; rather than signifying deep confusion or misfortune it most likely is referring to a momentary feeling of uncertainty, or even that it will be raining that day. On the other hand, it also means that the very best cards are also toned-down or literal, so the Bouquet may suggest that your allergies could be an issue (flowers carry pollen, after all!).

With these variations in mind, dailies can be a great way to get to know the cards, as well as seeing how your predictions manifest across your day.

Yesterday morning I pulled Rider - Sun - Fish. The meaning was quite clear: Good news about money. The card on the bottom of the deck was Letter, so I imagined that the news would come in the form of a letter or an email. Ooooo, good news about money! I tried not to get too excited, since I figured it would unlikely signify anything life-changing. But all the same it was a positive line to pull, so I took a picture and promptly forgot about it entirely.

Game of Hope Lenormand

I worked a long day and in the evening Jorge picked me up and brought me home. As we were driving down our street I noticed a plant I wanted to investigate up-close, so after we pulled into our driveway, I dropped my bags in the house so that we could stroll down the block to check it out. As we passed the mailbox Jorge pulled out everything we'd received that day, and seeing a stack of envelopes I was keen to know what they were all about; I wanted to enjoy the stroll, and with that bundle of tantalizingly mysterious mail it was hard to concentrate. So I made him stop in his tracks and flip through each bit until I was satisfied that there was nothing of particular interest or concern, and we continued on our way. In fact the only envelope I was at all curious about was from my health insurance following a procedure I'd had several weeks back. A week earlier the doctor's office had sent me the bill in full and after having a mini-heart attack I realized that they'd never billed my insurance company! So I called and straightened it out, though I was still a bit anxious that there would be some cost left-over for me to pay.

The plant was a bust (not the type it had seemed to be from the car) so we headed back home. Jorge put the stack of mail in the kitchen and I grabbed the envelope from my insurance company to open. I was immensely relieved - between the insurance discount and the coverage, I had nothing left to pay!

And it was then that I started laughing because I realized that my morning line of 3 had just manifested: very good news about money. :)


  1. It is always mice to see the cards were right but A few days ago I was puzzled and angry and I wanted to get rid of all my Lenormand decks
    I pulled a line of three about the outcome of Tara's test. I got Rider in the middle So that was the message and it was flanked by Lily and Sun. So you can imagine i had my hope up high. It turned out quite differently
    Now that I've settled down I would like to ask you how would you have interpreted this line?

    1. I'm sorry about your dear dog! And I know exactly what you mean about the confusion. I once pulled cards about a friend's ill pet and interestingly pulled the Key and Sun. I felt certain this meant that a solution was in store, yet the animal died. I felt pretty confused as well. However that line could also have meant successful diagnosis rather than that the animal would survive. In your line, it could also have referred to illuminating news, rather than meaning that she would live. The problem is, when you see Sun, it looks really good, why would we think that the outcome would be painful? It's something I also struggle with from time to time. I once pulled Tarot cards regarding a job opportunity and the outcome was Sun. I was pretty hopeful. But the company decided against hiring at the time, so what the heck, Tarot? 98 percent of the time things are clear and understandable, and then we get these curve balls once in a while. I have no easy answers. Hugs to you!

    2. Thank you for such an elaborate answer
      Maybe you having no easy answers is helping me more than any other explanation :)