Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spirit Pictures

I'm taking a mediumship class and last night was our second meeting. I love the instructor, Suzan - she's down to earth, kind, practical, and her energy is beautifully positive.

Each class starts out with a "psychic exercise" as a kind of warm-up. Last night we did colored ribbons. In pairs, one person was designated to read the other person. The person being read would select two different ribbons that they felt represented their past and present. Then the person doing the reading would select a third ribbon that they felt represented the future of the person being read. Then we "read the ribbons" for that person. Of course, ribbons are just props, and we were using them as a focus to tap into the other person's energies. It was cool.

I was in a pairing with a woman who was new that evening. She was a bit nervous, but she was pretty amazing. As she sat there meditating on my ribbons, I wondered what she might say, and ultimately everything she said about me was precise and, as they say, "spot on." She even picked up on my children, and my slowly growing business, which was pretty cool. Then it was my turn.

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As she selected her ribbons I found I just "knew" what was going on with her. These feelings are always a bit scary (should I seriously say what I feel?? What if I'm dead wrong!?) - but I'm learning to just spit it out, even if my eyes are clamped shut and my fingers are in my ears. It's surprising how relevant those impressions end up being.

I felt she had a really, really wicked upbringing that had caused some major damage, which she confirmed. She said it was something she never tells people about, and she seemed relieved that it had come across so clearly. She told me she'd been thinking about that as she selected her "past" ribbon. I could tell that she was now making a big shift, and that in fact her presence in this class was a decision she made to "just do her." She also confirmed that. I picked up on a close friend of hers, and also that she was moving into holistic practice as her life's work, not just a side interest, and that her difficult past was really going to be a benefit to her in working with others. Turns out she had just enrolled in a course to study to be a life coach, and she told me that she's always felt the same - that what happened long ago needed to happen in order to bring to where she is now (which I'm sure we can probably all say about our lives!).  Over all it was a really nice and deeply affirming experience.

Then we shifted into mediumship.

During the first class I was kind of a mess (hadn't slept, had worked all day, and almost didn't even go to the class in favor of sleeping) and while I started out okay, half way through I just went blank and couldn't get anything anymore after that. Thus I was feeling pretty unsure of myself, and honestly I was fighting a desire to run the other direction the entire time I was driving down to class! My instructor had pulled me aside and reassured me that "we all have bad days," and she knows my energy, and knows what I can do. That was really sweet, and nice, but I still felt kinda bad. So this night, though I was feeling much better physically, I decided to just let things go. I wasn't going to try to pick up on anyone, I was just going to sit there and open myself up to my partner, and see what came up, if anything. I figured that in the worst-case scenario, I'm a crappy, inconsistent medium - I could live with that!

Perhaps due to that release, I ended up having a great night, and my confidence was restored. After a minute or so I started to see a very distinct blue energy which I felt to be a male spirit, but with no real shape. I felt this spirit was wrapped around her, protecting her, and I knew it was most definitely not a deceased relative, but more angel-ish. In fact as I was relating this to her, I told her that I don't usually talk about angels much, but in this case I felt there was something about the energy that really suggested something of that nature. I also felt her dreams had been pretty busy. The teacher came over and I was asking her about this energy and she said "you're picking up on her guide!" Ah hah! That felt right, and was really interesting, as it's the first time I've ever tuned into someone's guide before. But this was very strong, very present energy. So my partner said that she often speaks with her guide, and she does feel him to be male. He often comes to her in her dreams and she never sees his face, only his form. I tried to tune into a face but all I saw was a snake-like outline (head only), which I told her. She said that she's had a few dreams lately of snakes, and in the dreams she would marvel at the fact that she wasn't scared, so perhaps there was a correlation. The instructor asked me what the color blue meant to me, and I honestly said I didn't really know. She tuned in and said she got a strong sense of heavy communication from the guide toward my partner, which makes sense because of all the dream activity and the spirit's heavy presence around her. The dominant feeling I had was one of protection.

Later we did something we jokingly called "tag teams" where we would sit in groups of four, and three of us would try to tune into the same passed relative of the fourth person. Once the spirit was positively identified, we'd go around in a circle and see if each of us could add layers of detail about the spirit. The woman asked us to tap into her grandmother, and that was pretty immediate (that the grandma spirit showed up). What was interesting was the clairvoyance. I find I have two predominate "clairs" which are clairvoyance and clairsentience. I'm always amazed at the pictures that cross my sight. So for this grandmother I suddenly saw a very clear picture of a cross, and asked the woman if her grandmother was very religious. She confirmed that she was, and that religion and church were in fact very important parts of her grandmother's life. I also picked up on where she lived (the country) and I kept seeing her in a white gown. The woman said that her grandmother wore a white gown every Sunday when she participated in the church service. I also felt that she was very much the most important figure in the family, and everyone deeply respected her, which the woman confirmed.

Spirit pictures are highly interesting. As I work on developing these skills, it's becoming easier to tell the difference between my own imagination and the images that I'm being shown, which slowly helps me to trust myself more and more (a daunting process, I will say!). I'm always deeply humbled by these experiences - I go into them rather anxious and uncertain, and am constantly amazed and even surprised to understand that the "other side" is always there waiting for us and available to us; it just takes practice and an open mind.


  1. Olivia, you were meant to take this course for a reason. I know your abilities and trust them. You need to believe more in yourself. You are your worst critic. You are amazing:)

    1. Oh my, thanks for the encouragement!!! You're right, it's really about calming down and trusting. It's like riding a bike without training wheels, I suppose. You are kind and I appreciate the lovely words <3

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