Monday, January 20, 2014

Lenormand Daily Draws

I think this blog title is kind of boring but I'm not feeling particularly creative right now!

As I work with Lenormand, I've been rather "religiously" pulling a series of three cards for my daily draw, and have very much been enjoying how accurate they end up being, and how they help me integrate not only card meanings, but subtle relationships between cards as well.

The other day I pulled something like Moon - Storks - Mountain (I say "something like" because I do keep a journal but don't have access to it at this moment!)

I was very focused on the Mountain, and wondered quite a bit what this obstacle or barrier could be???

Daily draws in Lenormand, as with Tarot, tend to be either a mundane, or greatly scaled down, version of the traditional meaning. So every once in a while during the day I'd think about this Mountain, and about how really I'd had such a great day - what could it possible be referring to??

Gilded Reverie Lenormand - Ciro Marchetti
US Games

So in the late afternoon I returned home from an outing with my youngest daughter, and my newly printed business cards had arrived. I was so excited! I took one out, looked it over, and it was precisely what I had ordered - I was happy! A little while later I was examining them again, and realized that I had entirely forgotten to put my email address on the cards! Fortunately I did have my website and phone number listed, but I was so upset with myself for having left off this obvious, important detail, and started to worry that I should just order new ones (I've calmed down since then and will be using them after all!).

Later in the night I was pondering my daily draw again and suddenly it all clicked into place!

"An obstacle to positive changes/developments with work."

Is the lack of email address a major dilemma?  No. Did it create an issue that felt like a momentary downturn in my exciting onward movement with my business?  Definitely.

So I'm very much enjoying using these daily draws as a simple but effective regular practice with Lenormand.


  1. Hi Olivia
    Luckily the cards also apply to minor events.If else I wouldn't dare to go out any more if I had pulled the scythe :)
    I have to admit I have been neglecting my Lennies a bit.

    1. I couldn't agree more!!! I found that daily draws with Tarot have similar influences, but since Lenormand reads in such a clear, straight-forward, linguistic way, it's really fun to see how things come together at the end of the day :)