Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Queen of Cups, It's Tarot Time!

Tonight I begin my intuitive Tarot class, and I'm excited and also a little nervous. The Hermit is one of my favorite cards for a reason!! But I'm intrigued to see how the class is run, as it's being given by a local psychic-medium who's been practicing for over 30 years. I figure, no matter what it should be an interesting experience, and hopefully I'll learn some new methods to try out with my readings. A few weeks ago I did a mini reading for myself to determine how the class might go (I wanted to make a good investment) and I pulled the Hanged Man, Queen of Cups, and 6 Wands. In other words, though I hadn't entirely made up my mind it would be a worthwhile investment, the instructor would be great, and it would prove encouraging for my own practice. Okay, sounds like a yes!
So naturally I'm still hesitant about an hour before I'll have to depart, but I'm planning to force myself because I figure I'd better trust my own reading! ;-)
I'll post a follow-up later!

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